Customer wants rocks "flossed"

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TexasTurfgrass, May 11, 2009.

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    This is the first year in the business and I am getting better at trimming, but still far from perfect. The one area where we have issues is that a client wants us to trim in the small spaces in between the rocks that borders his flower bed (he basically wants his rocks flossed). We do the bottom of the rocks, but the rocks do not have mortar in between them so with the circle pattern the line trimmer spins it is difficult to get into the small spaces. It is also challenging to get behind wooden fence posts without damaging the wood. Other than chemical edging does anyone have suggestions on getting into these tight areas?

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    Sometimes the design of the human hand is the only design tool that will work. Charge for results , but deliver excellence. Perhaps an extra 5 minutes? It will pay dividends in 5 years once you charge for all the miscellaneous - that most mow and blow crews actually -blow off. An excellent job shows respect.

    The problem with pulling grass out from between the rocks is removing dirt at the same time. In some rock walls you do not want to remove dirt.
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    I have the same type of issue with my property. I use a blow torch along with a backpack sprayer load with water. I hit the areas around rock with the torch and then use the sprayer to wet everything to prevent fire.

    Works great around the rock borders and keep weeds down around my stream. Must be careful of setting things on fire and poison ivy.

    A cup of Clorox bleach per gallon of water help keeping weeds down after the burn. The workers at the reservoir near where I live have been doing this for years and advised me to give it a try.

    Here is a link to a type of torch similar to mine.
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    Roundup...Get one of those things the wife has to wash glasses with. Plastic handle with sponge on the end. Handle is made to hold soap for glasses. Fill it with roundup mixed properly of course and go around and wipe the weeds. There is such a thing a a wipe for roundup but they cost like $30 while the little glass washer is like $2.99. It works great for very selective application.
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    Trimmers without guards are much better at this work. You can flip them over and get any angle you need. As for the wooden posts, just hold the throttle enough to move the string and it'll still cut the grass - while avoiding damage to the posts and slats.

    If you HAVE to, (and it's possible on your lawns), maybe look at scalping the fenceline edge to a point that doesn't kill the lawn, but allows you to trim BELOW the fence instead of against it.

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