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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shady Brook, Oct 20, 2001.

  1. Shady Brook

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    from Indiana
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    A woman called and asked for a bush trimming, weed pulling estimate. I did the work for her, and sent her the bill. She called and left a message saying to quit harasssing her, that I did not do the work, someone else did, and she was turning me over to the police.

    The wife got the message and called her back, and she was insistant that I did not do the work, nor would she pay.

    I drove over to the house, and nearly every bush I trimmed was ripped out, and the stumps ground. I go to the door to talk to her (rend her in pieces) :D and no one was home. So I cross the street to talk to a lady who I saw when doing the work. She said she saw me, and said I would be better off taking the loss. The woman is a wacco! She calls the police on everyone, she steals peoples mail because she thinks they steal hers. She sees things, and follows people. Acts as if she is going to shoot children. The neighbor said she was thrown out of a local collage for carrying a fire arm. The neighbor received a knock on the door one day, and it was a secret service agent! He wanted to ask her questions about the woman, said she was making death threats to a former president of the USA.

    Question? Why is this woman not in a luny bin!

    And this is another tale from the saga, that is .... My Life ;)


    Be sure to do a psycological profile on any and all new customers! :D
  2. Island Lawn

    Island Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Should we start asking potential clients for references?

    Maybe you should call the cops before she does.

    I bet this one gave you some warning signs that you might be able to pick up on in hindsight.

    Good Luck.
  3. ronslawncare

    ronslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    im with island lawn couldnt you tell she was phsyco b4 all the work you did for her.i dont work for any1 crazy than me .
  4. Albemarle Lawn

    Albemarle Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If so, I would advise you ASK her to call the police on you. If you are in a small town the police will already know of her. When she calls the poice on you it will establish a record of her harassing you. This way, if her really ugly side comes out and you are on her black list, there will already be a record.

    Most likely she will sue you or something so like I said having a police officer on your side who is familiar with her antics will HELP you!!!

    LET HER CALL THE COPS!!!!:angry:
  5. Albemarle Lawn

    Albemarle Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    By the way, if it is not a lot of $ just take the loss. Chances are she doesn't have much spendable money anyway.

    You could sue her and levy against the property, that way when it is sold you will get paid. But, this is expensive and it could be a long time until that happens, plus there may already be others in line ahead of you. (#1 is the bank or mortgage owner).

  6. MuskTurfKing

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    That has to REALLY suck, if it's worth it, sue her, but if it's not worth it, you can always hire teenagers to egg her house...:D

    Luckily, I haven't had any run-ins with the wacko's, knock on wood.

    Hope you can get something straightened out with her.

  7. lawnboy82

    lawnboy82 Banned
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    I think you have me beat there for whacko's. I deal with some pretty looney people, but not that looney.
  8. KDJ

    KDJ LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just wright off you're loss, and go to the next job.
    Do not do anything crazy like super glue all the locks
    on her home so she can't get inside, she would only do the same thing to the locksmith.
  9. Shady Brook

    Shady Brook LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Indiana
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    Boy have I had a hard time getting on this site. I suppose I am not alone, man was I having symptoms of withdrawl. ;)

    I am just going to eat it on this one. It was not a huge job, or huge bill, and I do not want to get harassing phone calls like the chief of police. The neighbor marveled that she was not in jail after stealing her mail and threatening a former chief of state. In any event I fear it will be more grief then it is worth.

    The only personality quirks she had were that she seemed very uptight, very intense. Quick answers and statements as if she were very nervous.

    I ran a phone book add, and maybe I will no longer do work for customers not under contract for grass. The one timers often are more of a hastle then they are worth, and running around doing estimates for small jobs can be a pain. Who knows what I will think after a long winter.

    Take care fellas, and thanks for the input

  10. dlandscaping

    dlandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from mass
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    thank god some ppl hire us lcos to mow trim etc because i wouldnt trust some peope with an eraser nevermind a lawnmower. i work for a guy who has a few nuts. this one lady has us blowout half her garage every mowing (this side stays closed) and we basically blow air with the blower. she will come out and say we didnt blow it out well enough. then she has about 1000 flowers in her yard. she has us plant them and each week she says that there are weeds and rip them up (these are flowers we just planted) she will physically get into the flowers and trap herself while pulling them out. o did i forget to mention she is student at the local college and has been since she was 18 she is now 43. wackos out there. take the loss and never go near the lady again.

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