Customers dont take care of installs properly

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by BPL3279, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. BPL3279

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    How many times do you go out to spot repair a new lawn install? I do one return visit included. I am sick of the people who expect perfect results but fail to water their newly seeded lawn properly!!! Then blame it on me! It also sucks with this crazy weather lately because the downpour rains screw it all up! I am also going to no warranty on installed trees and shrubbery, The weather is so extreme anymore and with people not taking care to water things, it is becoming a major loss. My supplier only gives a 50% credit on dead shrubs, and I am tired of losing the run around gas.
  2. lawnfreak

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    I started asking people up front if they wanted me to warranty the alive materials. If they do, I mark up the materials at least three times as much as they cost expecting that i'm going to have to replace at least half of them due to them not taking care of the materials. If they don't care about the warranty, I don't mark them up as much. I even tell the people that plants with warranty cost more up front. That's about the easiest way I have found to deal with it. For me, homebuilders are the worst because they are not on the site enough to properly take care of the landscape, but most don't ever want the materials warrantied anymore because they can save money by me not warranting them adding more to their pocket in the end.
  3. BPL3279

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    THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA....thanks so much I dont know why I never thought of that....too much going on at once!
  4. SOS Landscaping

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    Pretty much the reason why I lose sleep after doing a big plant/shrub install... Luckily I have been pretty lucky. One big install I did a few weeks ago the owner actually wanted to do the planting himself so I said all the power to you, but im not at fault if they die. Another install I installed about 5k worth of trees, shrubs and plants to a guy who is just lazy as hell. I had a huge job there so I was there for about a week and I watered all the first week. Everyday I spoke with him I stressed how bad they needed to be watered daily, and once Im gone its his fault if they die. But now Im going to mark things up for warranty stuff big time
  5. rt20

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    does anybody sell the warranty separate for the plants like they do with electronics? I would think it would be 10-15% extra if that was done. :confused:
  6. Smallaxe

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    BnB plants do not settle in well even if planted in April or Sept, so never install BnB June and July. I won't plant anything until mid August for anyone. I tell them it is not wise and that I am too busy anyways.
    They have someone else to do it and get to enjoy a summer watching things die. By early fall it is time to replace them :laugh: Now I have some time.

    I notice not many people plant with the idea of flooding the root zone for the first few days. One big reason installs die.
  7. PSUturf

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    For lawn installs we state that the sod or seed was installed to industry standards. The success and survivability is entirely up to the customer and therefore there is no warranty. I do give them very specific instructions on watering.
  8. Whitey4

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    I don't garantee anything, period. People lie... "Oh, I watered it!" BS.... however, I have taken to using a moisture meter and drive around on a light day.... and record the results. AND I tell the customer that I will do this. so I have hard data on how much they watered. It's funny.... the ones that know I will check up on it water..... a good kick in the hiney is what they need sometimes!
  9. BPL3279

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    I wish it was that easy for us...we have had a few winners pulling punches on us. Telling us we will be sued if we dont come out and repair the bare spots that they caused themselves for lack of watering while away on vacation. Now it is August and for the past 3 weeks it seems the only calls we have gotten is lawn repair...yeah right, not a chance in hell....things are really slow right now....
  10. BPL3279

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    this is the other thing, they get all mad when the ground settles or causes minor sink its our fault! We run over it with the bobcat and bucket, there is nothing going to tamp it down like that! The one customer got p.oed because we did not use a roller....when the bobcat bucket does even better,,,they are oblivious and will pick a battle with anything they are given

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