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customers from the past.....


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if you had a customer, who was a pain in the butt in the past, and canceled you, would you take them back? had a client about 4 yrs ago. real pain in my butt for various reasons. she cancelled service because, thursday was her day. it rained thurs, fri, sat, and sunday. she called monday and said are you comming? i said no, because we are scheduled there in 3 days anyway. she demanded we come anyway. i explained that if we come today(monday) we are still comming back on her regular day(thursday), she said no way. ended up cancelling. well, she has since been through about 6 services, unable to keep any of them for various reasons(all her fault). so she calls me this morning, and i answer, "good morning....." she says, "hi, this is mrs. numbnuts, can i get a quote for lawn service." i say, "nope, we are not interested in servicing your property, CLICK!." she calls back, "i think we got disconnected." i said, " no, WE didn't, YOU did. like i said, we have dealt with you before, and are not interested, CLICK." so, what's your policy, take them back or blow them off?


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Probably not. Chances are she hasnt changed ...either that or Jack the price up and get payment in advance.


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If they are willing to agree to our stated policies, which is on the contract aka "service agreement", in our servicing area, and willing to pay our quoted price. Since you have a history with them, you both have the advantage of expectations. Make sure they are discussed and cleared in advance.

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Bobby if your mother in-law decided to move away, after a few months would you go move her back if she called. :D

If you have a PITA leave your life, there isn't any amount of money that would make it worth while to let them back in.


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Originally posted by dobehap
I would take them back if they met two critirias:

1. 12 Month contract.
2. Pre-pay before service is rendered.

Ditto, 100% correct! Of course the rich lawn guys can just cast them aside never too be bothered by them again lol



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Mac- I'm not rich yet, but I value my remaining hair and ulcer free stomach.Let 'em go and let them be someone else's problem.No amount of extra money is going to guarantee a problem free return of past PITAS..or current ones!


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I steer clear of clients that burn through service providers - they are next to impossible to please which is exactly why they are on their 12th company. Usually older clients that have nothing better to do than stare at their landscape all day long wondering why you don't trim their f***ing wisteria every single time you stop by.