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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, May 19, 2007.

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    I know it sounds like a line from the TV show "HOUSE" "PATIENTS ALWAYS LIE" but you know what I mean. This week I go by and scout my lawns for who needs cutting because we have been without any real rain for several weeks. Its Tues. and this customer is scheduled for Wed. I notice the neighbor cutting her lawn. Now one other time this year the same thing happened and she said her son came over and "wanted" to try out the lawn mower to see if it still worked. I told her then that I'm in the lawn business not in the drive by business and that she could have at least called me so I didn't waste my time. I originally was hired by her husband that passed last year and he was a dream customer. So I call her about this incident and stated that again she failed to notify me and I wasted my time and that she was discontinued unless she wanted to pay me for this week. She said the neighbor borrowed her lawn mower and cut her lawn too. Very plausable but why didn't she call me or tell him she has a service . I knew she was NOT going to pay me but gave her the option. She called me and left a message while I was working and stated she did not feel obligated to pay me anything and that I never cut her lawn anyway just trimmed and ran around the lawn with that big mower. Now my message to her was simply that I felt she at least owed it to me to notify me the lawn was cut or that she had made other arrangements for her lawn service. I told her I can only handle X amount of customers and I would move on to another full time customer I have on a waiting list who asked to be on my schedule. There is no need to lie about the quality of the job I did just because I called her out on her being inconsiderate. She says she still wants to be my friend but I told her that if she really felt I was just riding around on the lawn she should have been my friend then and talked to me face to face about the job I was doing for her . Customers lie!!! thanks for the vent. I called a prospect two streets over and said I have an opening and picked up the neighbor too. Culling customers is the way to go.
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    Jeff I know what you mean. I lost a customer this season I had been cutting for several years. He told me wanted to go on a 2 week schedule (which I won't do any more), then when I show up it was cut. It was a Half assed job so when the guy disappears I can't wait till he calls me.

    P.S. I could use a few more lawns if you want to give up some of those waiters. No PITAS please.
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    it just ticks you off that they have to lie to the lawn guy. Even people you've known and done work for years. I'm not suprised now, I've been at this too long to be suprised . But they lie!! Paul you'll know the dry conditions in our area. I cut the neighbor across the street from the lier yesterday and her lawn is already browning out from being cut lower than the 3" I cut at.
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    Yeah, I had a potential new customer lie to me the other day. She told me she was paying $25 per cut when I quoted $35. Her previous guy was getting done. Little did she know, I know the guy that used to cut for her. So, I called him and asked what he had been charging here. He said $35 for the last 3-4 years and was going to go up this year but decided to get completely out of the business.
    So, I called her back and basically told her I didn't appreciate being lied to, and that I would not be able to mow her lawn for her afterall.

    We had eventually agreed on $30 'cause I felt bad, but after I found out she lied, she got the boot! There's nothing worse than being lied to right to your face. No more feeling bad either.
  5. DLCS

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    Your fault! Why did you agree to lower your price, why feel bad. Your price is your price take it or leave it. Who cares what the other guy was charging, do you really believe the customer is going to tell the truth.
  6. Ramairfreak98ss

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    i think weve all been there .... make sure you get contracts for EVERYTHING, and it will eliminate this.. if they cut their own lawn, it just saved you $40 or whatever their lawn cut costed anyway.

    Ive had this happen in similar senarios over and over, and i was done with that crap long time ago.
  7. jeffex

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    I can appreciate a customer wanting to negotiate with me for a price and trying to get a good deal. I can even see where a NEW customer may make up stories to say they got other prices to see how bad you want their business . But not an established customer who you worked for years without a complaint. This lady could have even told me she couldn't afford to have her lawn cut any more but the key is TELL ME THE TRUTH. I cut for her neighbor who is a big realestate broker in the area and she comments all the time how great her lawn looks now that I do it . She also says she can tell the lawns I cut in her area. That said, I know we do quality work so when you bad mouth me I going to get ticked. Especially when you have to lie to cover up your inconsideration for me.
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    If I ask a potential customer how much they were paying last year, I expect to get lied to or get told it's none of my business.

    That's the way to go. I started this year with a blitz of advertising, part of it featured weekly no-contract cutting. But now that those flyers have more or less run their course I'm switching to contracts and monthly billing.
  9. goodbeus

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    How do you know when a client is lying........when their lips are moving,lol...:laugh: :waving:

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