Customers like to see a 21" used?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Apr 18, 2005.


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    Maybe a silly observation here but nevertheless it's something that I've repeatedly noticed with several of my accounts. Most of my accounts are small-mid sized residentials. I can save a little bit of time and alot of effort by using my Z or 48" w/b Exmark by the time it takes to unload, load, etc. vs. the little 21"er. At any rate, I have noticed on the days that I use the 21" exclusively, a few of my customers seem to like it better than when I use the Z or Exmark even when the end result is the same - a good looking yard. You can see the disappointment in their faces when I pull out the Z or Exmark. It's almost like they want to you to hump it behind the pusher and I guess they feel like they really got their money's worth or something. Has anyone else ever noticed this.


  2. Ol'time Lawncare

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    Most of my customers like when i use my 21's. they think there getting there moneys worth! if they want that type of service witch i offer, then you should charge accordingly! "Time is Money"!
  3. David Grass

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    THANK GOD ALL MY CUSTOMERS LOVE THE BIG 52 and 54 inch stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not owned a 21 since some time back in the last century.
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    Bamared, I keep saying the same thing....customers are tired of seeing LCO's jump out with the big guns(ZTR) and then head out to the next job. I am stuck using the 21" for now until I figure the customers out???I just went out and bought another 21" from HD, Toro Personal Pace....i wanted a back up to the 21" Toro I already have.....strange..... :dizzy:
  5. ChadA

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    I've got this a few time also. Most of the time i've been able to convince them to let me use my 48" W/B. If they want the 21" its going to cost them more.
  6. DSIM

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    I have a few lawns that I have to alternate mowers on because of the ruts on my 36"z. I mow in different directions each time but it gets so bad that the lawn gets that ribbed look. I then have to use the 21" occasionally to give the yard a break from the weight of the Z. Same thing occurred when I used a 36" & 32" wb. Seems to be worse on thick St Augustine lawns. I guess its just the type of soil that will determine wether it will rut or not. I'm talking about dry ground too.
    I wish I had another mower to alternate with besides the trim mower. I need to get like a 48" so the tire widths will be different.
  7. lawnranger44

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    I would hate if a customer would make an issue out of this. We spent the extra money on the commercial mower for a reason. And how could you, in your right mind, say that 21" cut looks better than 36", or a ZTR? Gosh.
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    A lot of customers have the standard horror story of "the last lawn guy" that tore the crap out of the lawn with a w/b. But that's just tough. You think if I hired someone to paint my house, they would paint all the rooms with a 1" trim brush instead of a roller because "I think it looks better..."
  10. Todd's lawncare

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    Why do you let people tell you what you can use . Get some ball and tell them if you don't like it to bad and i bet you don't charge more for it do ya . I run alot of 21's but not because they want me to i have to its the only thing i can get in the yard in most of them .

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