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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CrimsonLawnCare, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. CrimsonLawnCare

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    i was wondering if any of you give the client and there neighbors deals for all being on the same contract? and if so like what kind of deal? the only reason i am asking is because i had these two house i mowed and there was one house in between them that i didnt mow, well this year i lost both of them because the guy in the middle cut them a brake and now hes got three lots in a row ... he undercut me but hey thats just the nature of the business.:hammerhead: If you have any suggetions i would love to hear! :)
  2. topsites

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    Yes, but this is 100% at my discretion, I decide when and where, how and why.
    That's just to avoid trying to play games, I like to think of it as it just has to come along, I don't go out of my way looking for these deals nor do I want customers doing that, I feel it works best when left to its own devices.

    So, IF two or more lawns exist side by side and are in similar enough condition to where they CAN (always) be cut at the same time, then I deduct the cost of the trip and split up the savings between all of us (customers and myself).

    That is, I figure it costs me $15 to make each stop, between loading and unloading and fuel and what have you, etc, etc...
    Every time I have to drive to a customer's house costs 15 dollars.

    It is this cost I save if I only have to make one stop for two lawns, they need to be either side by side or across the street from each other maybe one house in between (but I really prefer side by side so I can do both uninterrupted).

    So 15 dollars off split three ways is 5 bucks for each customer and 5 bucks for me, win-win. I make out too, say I got two 40 dollar lots side by side I can do them both for $70 and I promise I'm in and out in an hour... Shoot, at 40 dollars for 1/2 an acre I can do two 1/2 acres which comes to a FULL acre for 70 (when I normally get 55-60 for 1 acre).
    Now there is extra trimming, two houses, two driveways, and so on, but I still make out +5 and so does each customer.
    Some of the best money I make is on these, but you have to be careful.
    You need to let the customers know that if you ever can not cut both at the same time then the regular charge applies.
    It might take some tuning, there do exist problems, this little trick I was unable
    to pull off successfully until about my 4th-5th year, but it does work.
  3. McVey Landscaping

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    I do about the same as Topsite, if I can sign seveal yards in one area where I am not loading, driving, then unloading and repeating I cut them a little break. It also makes them happy because all the lawns are cut the same day the neighborhood looks excellent. Just saves the loading, unloading drive time, so it is a little break not much but enough to get the accounts. :usflag:
  4. CrimsonLawnCare

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    alright, cool guys thanks for you advice and tips :) i will have to master this skill
  5. wheels910

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    definitely tell your clients to talk to their neighbors. the neighbors will see what kind of work you do.

    sometimes i've heard of giving referral bonuses to my clients for signing new customers.
    contract of course. bonus doesn't have to be discount rate. could be extra service
  6. Ed Ryder

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    As for me, no price breaks. No incentives for referrals. There's no good reason for it.

    If I wanted extra business, then I would merely ask my customers if they knew of neighbors who might want to switch over to me. My customers like me, and they would help me out if I asked.

    I'm too busy and already have too much work. So why give out discounted work?
  7. Tom Tom

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    So, next year all three of these homeowners band together again and get even lower rates than the guy who undercut you.

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