customers not paying sales tax

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by gcbailey, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Not all states follow the same requirements so check with your tax department. But like I said, 99% of this is miscommunication so there is no need to go that far. The right way to give a quote is in writing with the amount, tax and total right there. Don't just say $100, then when they leave a check for $100 you have to tell them there is tax on that. Get it right from the beginning.
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    i'm sorry but if you live in a state that takes sales tax on services and you pay tax on every service you ever buy.... they know they owe the taxes.

    If i were in that position i would just quote 106 a month and mention to them it includes taxes. that way from the start 106 is in their mind, not 100. if they write a check for 100 chance are they are just dumb anyway, or are hoping youll pay the tax for them in which case they are cheap bastards trying to take advantage of someone.
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    I guess to an extent that may be our fault. I have always said, for example... the service will be $50 plus tax.... Not, $53, or $42.40, something with the change stated. I don't know how many people have actually ever stated a precise amount ($42.40), they always say something like, $42, $40, etc. But we have always said the amount "plus tax". And that's also wrote on the quotes too. Not the actual total, but "plus tax" is in writing.
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    just send them a bill for the tax amount. they know they have to pay it.

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