Customers offer drinks while working?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DIXIECONTRACTING, Jul 26, 2011.


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    The last two weeks here temps. have been in the 90's to low 100's. While installing the last two systems the homeowners have offered us water but the only problem is they were room temp. Anyone else get water served warm on hot days ? I keep water in my refrigerator so I can serve it cold but maybe thats just me.

  2. Wet_Boots

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    If you aren't carrying a 5-gallon (ice) water jug around for installs.....

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    I drunk from hoses mainly for 30 years. Water is water to me and the temp is irrelevant as long as its not hot.
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    Put you Man pants on and go back to work. Why are you taking water from customers? You should have your ice water on the truck.

    We keep ice chests on the trucks and every morning my guys show up with ice bags to keep water/food cold and fresh. We have been doing the 100+ thing for years though.
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    Ice water can have medicinal value if someone edges close to heat exhaustion - besides, you can keep longneck deposit bottle ponies of your favorite malt beverage in the water jug :drinkup:

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    Sorry maybe you all misunderstood the question. Any customers offer you warm or hot beverages I just think it is funny because usually a cool beverage is more refreshing than a warm/hot one. By the way we do carry a cooler.

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    Water cooler maintenance is a pain in the butt to me plus it gives a helper another reason to waste time going back to the truck. I kept a 2 gallon jug for myself. The heck with the help. If they want water they can go get there own two friggin gallon jug.

    Besides the fact they jack with the radio.

    Darn good thing i worked by myself mostly.
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    My customers give me cold drinks which i gladly accept. One old lady even mixes me up an Arnold Palmer every once in a while. Accepting their drink is the right thing to do because it makes the customer feel like they did something nice for you. I dont want to take that away from them.
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    Nothing wrong with accepting a drink of water from a customer. That they gave it to you warm-ish .... meh ... maybe straight from the tap? Maybe they didn't have any bottled water cold?

    I find that the more affluent the customer, the less likely I am offered even a drink of water. Had one SOB shadowing me on a really hot day at his shore front house with his yacht in the backyard dock on the canal. He kept chugging his tall cool drink clanking the ice cubes. Watching me and chatting away. I am sweating from all pores of my skin. Not even an offer of a drink from the hose. As I am cleaning up and putting away the tools, he takes off w/o a word. Guess he didn't want to pay the bill.

    Other obviously less affluent and most likely less able to afford it customers .... I've been offered drinks, food, and even a tip.

    I do not accept booze though. If I am offered soda or ice tea, I'd ask for water. Better for you on a hot day. I bring my own gatorade and water, but if a customer offers I accept.
  10. LoweJ82

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    kept a cooler with bottles of cold water on the truck all last week, Customer still brought out a cooler with water and lemonade most days for us. Couple jobs before that it was homemade lemonade and we left the 5 gal water cooler sitting in the drive by mistake to show up the next day to have it filled with fresh ice and water, also had stack of plastic cups next to it and some paper towels.

    Gotten room temp water once.

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