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    I live in a town and am considering going to a city to find customers. 2 years ago I started out, advertising in this town with 15,000 population, and a town 40 minutes away with 30,000 pop. I used kijiji which is Ontario's version of craigslist to get 2 customers in the big town. I used a newspaper ad for the 15,000 pop town, got 2 calls, but missed them. Thinking of going to a city that's 45mins away with 350,000 pop.
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    I used to think where there's more people there exist more customers, but don't forget that for every so many thousand population, there are so many more landscapers too.

    In a city like where I live, population 500,000
    We have well over 400 landscape companies.
    Which averages out to one landscaper for every 1,250 population.

    The math may not be exact for every situation, but I guarantee ...
    The higher the population, the more landscape companies competing.
    Live in a small town with a population of say 25,000, you have 20 landscape companies.
    It all averages out in the end, you won't have more customers just because there's more people.

    Do a good job, and let word of mouth get you there.
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    I started my lawn care company in a small town also. I focused on my attention on winning over all the properties in that town and for the most part I did. I then moved on to a larger neighboring city and I found it a lot harder for the simple reason it was so many other lawn care companies. So I think you need to try and focus on your smaller city and when those people over first.

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