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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by hudsonhawk, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. hudsonhawk

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    How do you deal with expectations reguarding seeding yards? I've put seed down in early spring and fall for people. It seems that people expect theri yard to instantly look like Yankee's stadium. Some seem to expect me to come back and reseed any portion of their lawn that doesnt look just perfect. I realize there are a million factors to seed actually growing (heat, water, shade, etc.). I cant be running back to all these people and fixing every little spot free of charge. I'm just about to get out of the grass seeding business all together. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. starry night

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    Get out of the grass seeding business all together.
  3. Patriot Services

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    Personally, customers are stuck with me for 6 month's after initial seeding. It's the only way you can ensure they are properly watering and cutting and it is priced as such. You really can't expect 100% germination from a single seeding. This is why I try to talk them into sod if they want instant gratification.:usflag:
  4. Smallaxe

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    I have pretty good luck seeding, as long as the sprinklers get set and stay set. Thank God. I always have a good chat with the person, and let them know, to grab a handfull of seed, then sprinkle onto the areas that didn't germinate well, then mist the ground till thoroughly soaked, (without displacing the seed), until most of the seed has disappeared, then continue daily watering until the grass gets large and full. If the germination is a failure, I would reseed for nothing.
  5. starry night

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    But to be serious this time: I lower my client's expectations.
    Spring seedings, I guarantee almost no results. Autumn: "You'll get a good stand of grass if you follow my watering instructions. But it will be next Autumn (with proper care) before it really looks good."

    The trouble is no matter what I tell them, I still feel responsible and I spend way too much time on follow-up care myself at no further charge.
  6. baddboygeorge

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    That is all you need a contract that covers your ass! Seeding is a great money maker for any Landscaping company, There are alot of factors when seeding an watering is a must most people either forget to water correctly or just dont water at all .I do not warranty any seeding work do to the watering .I will go back an reseed 1 time areas that where either missed or hard to reach areas but customer will pay for the seed! Have fun , George
  7. Stillwater

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    What ever you do don't forget the importance of happy and satisfied customers who feel they got a fair deal. Customers who feel they got ripped or feel you did a bad job is very damaging.

    With me.. along with flawless and through communication customers get a education on expectations well before any lawn restoration work is started. It is also made crystal clear that any return maintenance visits will be billed at my labor rate. I don't have this problem...

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