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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by scott's turf, Oct 29, 2001.

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    I guess the key is to find out what that spot is that hurts the most and then HIT IT!!!

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    lets talk more about the "lean on property" abit.
    most of my clients have no writen contract .can this still be done?whats involved?
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    Check your local/state laws as lein laws are different by state. Here in Nevada it is a fairly easy process that only costs about $45 if you do it yourself. I haven't had to do it yet but I would if anyone was over 45 days late. Or even earlier if they lied to me about when they were going to pay or they were dodging me. I think that you can do it without a written contract or even if they don't own the property you worked on(see below). You need to see an attorney or a collection agency. Maybe hire them once and figure out how they do it and then do it yourself. It can't be that hard. Most attorney's I know are not any smarter than I am they just know where to go to get the informtion:D

    I think you can put a lein on the property of a renter that you may be doing work for. Actually you would put a lein on the landlord as he is responsible for his tenats and the work you do for his tenats. He then in return would probably pay the lein out of the deposit he collected from his tenants. Anyhow, see an attorney and get your money one way or the other.
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    one time i called a guy at 2:30 am, and said id be right over to get paid. i was also very rude. he said that if i didnt come by right now, he would put it in the mail in the am, with an additional $25 for my waiting, i said ok, got it 2 days later. ive been boned out of around $400 total in all my years in business. personally, i get better results with rude, irate behavior. maybe its not "proffesional", but it works for me
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    Have you tried telling the guy that you would like to contact the people he has the contract with? If I am subing work I don't believe it is right to cut the main contractors Throat. But if he is not paying and not treating you right then go for it. You may end up with the whole thing. LOL
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    All work no matter how small or how big goes on a work contract to be signed by person or company rep before any work is to be started, second if its a construction job we get 100% of retail cost of all items to be bought the time of contract sighning, 3rd we then get 50% of labor the day before we start and remainder of 50% after job is completed that way if they stop paying any time through contract they loose money we dont. We had to take 3 non payers to court all on the same day! They paid 80% of all money owed thats why contracts are important. If you take him to court you must send at least 2 registered letters to him with your late fees included then wait 45 days and small claim court it. You may get most of your money and check your state laws but up here if the person does not pay within the limits we can attach a claim on there company, So if they go to get a personal loan, auto or business loan our name will be attached as a lein on there company. Also try a collection agency
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    Sent this letter out today.

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