Customers that leave with the leaves??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Sep 30, 2002.

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    Do any of you have customers that live in their house for part of the year and then relocate to a "different" climate?

    We call them snow birds here and you folks in Florida and Phoenix know who I am talking about.

    I really like them. I only have two but they stay here for the summers and then depart for their other house/condo around the middle of October. That makes for easy cleaning without someone busting my ear on when I am gonna come and clean the sidewalks.

    Just wondering how many of you have snow birds in the winter or the opposite - heat birds in the summer?
  2. Tyner Lawn Service

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    I have a few customers who go to Phoenix. I myself at the end of the year use to go down to Phoenix and putter around with winter lawn care. It was too costly. By the way Mow Ed I use to race snowmobiles up in your neck of the woods. Where are you from Eagle River?
  3. proline32

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    I have a couple of them up here, they are very good customers, all they ask is that I keep the place up while they are gone, and never are late paying me.
  4. Gravely_Man

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    I have one property that I rough-cut for a customer throughout the summer. It is a hunting cabin and it takes a lot of trust on their part to have confidence that you are doing your part and maintaining the property. I never have a problem with these people not paying on time.

  5. MOW ED

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    I like my snowbirds too.

    I am in the Green Bay area, its a little poke to Eagle River. I have a buddy that used to race there also in the early 90's. He still aint all there when he gets on a sled. I don't know how you guys do that. Neat to watch. The winters have been pretty bad as far as not getting snow for the past few years. I'd like to get a sled but don't want to have to drive 5 hours with it on a trailer to use it.
    Take care.
  6. I have some like that, but she has a bunch of houses. I guess they are guest houses but I never see anyone there.

    She put me on a salery this year for the extra stuff like take the mail and newspaper in, put the garbage out, keep the sprinklers going, some I have to run a hose on. It was easier to do salery than pay me each time I went to them. I only have to go by a few times a week, but we are at these house at least once a week to mow.

    Other than her here for some of the football season, no one around here that I do does much of the relocating for the seasons.
  7. Mr_Marc

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    I have a few they come down for the winter and leave in the spring. But pay for a whole year up front. I can't wait till the two week mowing season starts!
  8. Expert Lawns

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    exactly!! best customers i've ever had :D

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