Customers think the season is over

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RedMax Man, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. RedMax Man

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    A few of my customer have already been telling me to stop cutting for the season. Its only October and the grass is grow faster than in August and September.:hammerhead: I guess they see the leaves on the lawn and think the grass is done growing. Happened again today, went to get a check from a client's wife and the first thing that comes out of her mouth," Don't cut the lawn anymore!" I tell her fine and say that i i'll come next month to cleanup the leaves." She turns that down too:dizzy: :hammerhead: . I bet she'll be calling me back. Her lawns gonna be 6" long and a mess of leaves next spring if they don't.

    Anyone else deal with these types?
  2. nlminc

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    I used to go thru that all the time when I lived on the Cape. Right after Labor Day when they vacated their mansions..........."the lawn doesn't need to be cut anymore"! Total BS!
  3. Petr51488

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    I don't know about you, but here in NJ we havn't had a good rain in a while and the grass has slowed down alot. But i bet as soon as we get some good rain, it will grow like crazy.
  4. Camaro865

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    i've got a few of thoes...nothin you can do about it
  5. mkroher

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    Been really dry here. Lawns aren't growing. I still mow them every week because leaves are starting to fall. I have an exmark ultra vac: mow it once, suck up whatever is on the ground. done. Looks awesome. That's how I keep up on the leaves, the final clean-up is always a breeze this way :)
  6. SomervilleLawncare

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    I had a customer tell me two weeks ago they wanted me to stop because the grass wasnt going to grow much more. Here in michigan its been anywhere from 70-80 degrees with pleanty of rain those last two weeks. Drove by that house today and the grass has to be at least 7" long and looks awful. I just laughed.
  7. topsites

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    LOL Yes sir, yes sir!!!
    Many years I swallowed pride and anger over this :laugh:

    Until someone told me the secret to a healthy lawn is to raise your cut height in late spring, when it starts to warm up outside.
    We all know it's because it helps keep the grass thicker and greener when it's hot, but I soon realized there was more to it.

    This is the secret hidden bonus trick #1152 to raising the cut height in the heat of summer and don't bring it back down until it has cooled OFF outside!!! And sure you have to bring it back down before the season is over and really before core aeration starts.

    But there are those who won't let me (read: cheapos), they don't want me to come out but SO often so I just keep it as low (or high whatever) as I have to in order to get done in reasonable time. If I can keep MY schedule then it gets lowered asap, if the customer wants to tell me when to come out, I can only lower it IF the grass ain't too bad.

    Either way, there are so many cuts in a season for any lawn, be it 10 or 15 or 20, that's how many times x lawn needs cutting, now whether I cut it high until whenever I can finally lower it or I can lower my cut sooner, it's all the same number of cuts.
    That fixes one problem, plus the lawn really does stay healthier, we're only supposed to cut off 1/3'rd of the total height...

    Now everyone who plays by the rules and realizes I'm really only doing my job for the benefit of their turf and not because I'm trying to squeeze out every last dollar, these folks win! Their lawn stays healthier, the cut height is properly reduced when it needs to be, and so on. I might get an extra cut out of it yes, but there's also a DELAY when I raise it and that counteracts the effect considerably, either way ONE cut if I get it is well worth the benefits, right?
    Right, so everybody wins.

    But you want to call me before the season is up and feed me that line of baloney that's just fine by me, I sure hope the next person enjoys that 3.5+ - 4.5" base I left, works great for later in the season payment skippers also. I might not get my money and I might have got took for a fool, but the satisfaction that I'm not the only fool sure helps.
  8. RedMax Man

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    I'm cutting a 3.5" and few of the lawns are at 3".
    The rain hasn't helped much so many of the lawns are hurting although they do appear to be recovering a bit, getting greener and growing faster compared to several weeks ago.

    My sales were less this September compared to last September because nothing was growing and there was so little work. Some lawns were only cut twice and a couple only once last month.

    The leaves are coming very soon:clapping:
  9. fergman

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    hey bud, where can i find the other 1151? :laugh:
  10. topsites

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    oh ehhh well... It's kinda got mixed up in the haystack...

    It's a good deal all around thou, it really sets a lot of problems straight on the rough end while on the good side it's only beneficial.
    For the rough stuff you're not the only loser anymore, you still lose but not as bad, and they don't win as big of a victory.
    And for the good customers it's win-win all around.

    Wildest trick I ever learned, for many years I thought them other Lco's were crazy doing that.

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