Customers W/ Fertilizer and Heavy Metal Concerns

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    Both my mother and father had Alzheimers. They didn't have their lawn treated. I treated it a few times only after they went to a nursing home.
    Be sure to have the MSDS sheet for your products. Be sure to point out that urea is a product found in urine in every human being and animal on earth. Potassium, too.

    Be sure to contact you fertilizer dealer for their experts. They will put you in touch with the manufacturer which can provide more data.

    Be sure to mention that all pesticides sold in the US are tested by laboratories for hundreds of hours in every way possible. Several generations of rates at very high levels.
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    Edits timed out.
    I meant to add several generations of rats are fed the product for their entire lifetimes--to check for dangerous side-effects.
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    I enjoyed your post Ric.

    OP-------Ask the people that were worried about his flyer if they would feel better if 5 BILLION people died by starving and illnesses from malnutrition.

    It took from the beginning of man until 1804 for the world to reach 1 billion. It then took 123 years to reach 2 billion in 1927. Now we start getting better with fossil fuels and fertilizers so in only 33 years [yes a 90 year shorter period] we get to 3 billion in 1960. Since then with better tractors, better trucks, trains, pesticides and fertilizers we are at 7 billion. If we are not using fertilizers then we are not going to be able and feed 7 billion people.

    That was for food so now let us talk about turfgrass.
    I know different areas are different so let's talk about the larger heavily populated cities. The turfgrass is probably your largest producer of oxygen. Studies show that about 5 thousand square feet of healthy turfgrass can produce enough oxygen for a family of 4. This does not include the cooling effect and air filtering it does.

    I am not a tree hugger but I do want to try and be responsible for our land. If our grass is stressed I do not spray pesticides. If the grass is not growing I do not fertilize. This is why I personally wished they would stop selling fertilizers and pesticides to home owners unless the take and pass some type of course.

    I think these are some pretty good reasons to have a healthy lawn.
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