Customers want different cut heights what to do on site.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rll131, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Rll131

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    I've recently switched to cutting at 3 inch was cutting lower. I have a snapper 36 inch walk behind and I have to remove the blades to raise or lower cutting height. I run solo so this is a problem on site. What do you guys do I have my front wheels on the lowest setting to give me the proper tilt on my blades so can't lower it there. I tried explaining to him that 3 is a good height but he's bi weekly and wants it cut lower.
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    Depends on how many accounts you have. If you have plenty and don't mind a potential loss, then just simply explain the process. Floating decks are not a problem where as fixed can be a pain. Depending on growth cutting at 3'' for bi-weekly is IMO is the bare minimum I would go seeing as this will prevent less work for you. This sounds to me like they are too lazy to their own lawns and would rather pay someone, but to only do it the minimum amount of times a month. I ended up turning down a few because they wanted me to cut it too low (like a golf course). I had to explain to them the different concerns (heat, stress, water tolerances, more wear and tear , etc.) and they still wanted me to do it, but I kindly declined. I hope this helps in some way.
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    A EOW customer is a cheap customer. I have learnt that it does not pay to bend over backwards for a cheap customer.

    Also I would never buy a mower that I could not change the height quickly and easily and without using tools to change the deck height.
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    Not true. Some of my most profitable accounts are EOW. I have posted pics on here before of EOW lawns I do and cutting them on a weekly basis would be crazy. The difference is when I take on a new customer I make the decision of whether it is a weekly lawn or an EOW. If they don't let me make the decision then I don't take on the lawn.

    As for the OP, either get a mower with simple deck height adjustment or explain it to the customers why you cut at the height you cut. be prepared to lose a few but I am sure most will be understanding.
  5. SouthSide Cutter

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    Alot of walkbehinds are this way, a ***** to change height. So you need a different mower or a second that adjusts. I tried to explain to customers what was best but its their yard cut it where they want it.
  6. Rll131

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    I'm pretty new to the business so the mower I have is the mower I have at the moment. I'm thinking I'm just going to drop them there a pain anyway. I agree 3 should be the bare minimal but people want it short for some reason. S far the only ones that have said anything. I was cutting at 2.5 about and that's just to low. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Tom-N-Texas

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    What's his logic that lowering the blade will make any difference? Grass is not like a haircut; simply cutting it shorter will not in any way shave off any time before the lawn needs to be cut again. Think about it: if you cut the lawn at 5 inches or 1 inch, what causes the lawn to look like it needs to be cut is the differential that exists between the growth and the "base" of the lawn. I could theoretically let a lawn get 10 inches in height, and after cutting it at 9 inches it would still look nice because the top of the grass would be smooth, no differential in height between the tops of the blades. So mowing height has nothing to do with anything. He could cut his lawn down to the dirt and in two weeks it will still look like crap and desperately need it.
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  8. herler

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    I feel like I'm playing a broken record and I get to the point I am tired of 'explaining' it, no is the short of it.

    It kills me, the SAME customers who profess they want a "beautiful lawn!!!"
    Are the SAME ones who RUN outside when I show up and their first words?
    Hi how are you, hi yes great thank you BUT...
    Can you cut it SHORTER!?

    The most beautiful lawns out there?
    Are cut no shorter than 4 inches HIGH.

    Now just like Henry Ford used to say, I don't care what color car the customers want so long it's black.
    Well, I don't care how short they want it cut so long it's 4 inches high.

    That's right, grass that gets to be a foot tall is a foot tall whether I cut it at 4 inches or 2 doesn't really make a difference, I know most people think it does, but it does not. A foot tall grass is a foot tall, no matter how "short" I cut it, it's still a foot tall and it's going to be a foot tall again in about the same amount of time.

    And yes, back in Ford's early days ALL Ford cars were color black, ALL of them.
    And Henry didn't give a shat about the people who wanted it another color, so long it was black.
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  9. echo

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    That's great for you but people are different and selling only black cars wouldnt work these days. While it would be great to cut all lawns at 4", the majority of people where Im at want it shorter and youre not going to talk them into 4". If it were the case, all mowers would only be sold/set at 4".
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  10. LifeBack Lawns

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    It's funny because I want a black car. I love cutting at 4" and above, but the crappy (full of weeds) yards where they only want it cut tend to be the shorter yards. I won't go under 3". I generally like 3.5" for spring growths and 4" for kbg/fescues etc. most say I want a beautiful and lush lawn but don't want to pay for the fertilizing, pre emergents, more seed, keep their lawn higher etc.
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