Customers want different cut heights what to do on site.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rll131, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. LifeBack Lawns

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    Especially a weed mixture of clover, catsear dandelion, crab, and Bahia at 4".
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  2. Rll131

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    I ended up keeping the lawn and cutting it with my push mower. I see I made a mistake buying a fixed deck but I'm still building up when I can afford it ill be buying a newer 36 inch.
  3. Rll131

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    Can I put a floating deck on the snapper pro I have?
  4. echo

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    And I'm not sure how a weekly customer that wants it cut shorter is getting it cheaper. Its getting cut/theyre paying every week. If I was hiring somebody to cut my lawn and I preferred it a certain height and was told no, I'd laugh, send them on their way and hire somebody less stubborn that wants to make money.
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  5. hi_speedreed

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    You can do anything if you have the money, fabrication tools and know how. The problem is it will be cost prohibitive. A deck shell alone will run you in excess of $1500. I also don't think the frame will work because the front casters are attached to the deck while on a floating deck the front casters are part of a continuous frame the deck hangs from.

    Just keep saving and eventually you will be able to get you a walk behind with an easily adjustable deck.
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    This is very true. I only tolerate the "mow it lower" accounts if they are very small and it can be efficiently mowed with my Toro TimeMaster 30. This mower has to be one of the easiest on the planet to adjust and I do this with the engine running and at times with the blades engaged. Still safer than hand propping an airplane.

    This thread is one of the very reasons I want to emphasize applications more in the future and mowing less. Even those I apply APS for now I flat out qualify that my program WILL NOT work well unless you do things MY WAY.

    Why be a personal trainer for stubborn clients who eat junk food and weigh 300 pounds and blame their personal trainer they can't seem to loose weight or become a triathlete...?
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  7. echo

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    Because they're writing the check. If they're not a demanding client that simply asks that it be cut a certain height, they're paying for it weekly, and the check clears, makes no difference to me. Money talks.
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  8. GMLC

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    The only thing that determines cut height is the turf type and health. All my clients know this from the get go.
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  9. Rll131

    Rll131 LawnSite Member
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    Ill stick it out this year and try to get a nicer mower through winter when prices drop. Wasn't to bad just using a push mower .
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  10. OakNut

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    I tried to private message you, but it looks like you need "x" posts to do so.

    Do you have "Pgh" questions?
    Here's a thread for Western PA guys...

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