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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutterj, Apr 6, 2001.

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    This may be a stupid question, but when givin estimates it seems like everyone wants to get cut at the end of the week. NOw, i can undertand why, but they don't seem to understand that there are other lawns and that they are fit into a schedule. well, right now i can basically cut any day for them because i am just starting out and have a small customer base. So my question is, should i just take them now and give them what they want and cut towards the end of the week, even though i would prefer the begining of the week. What should i do if i do get a good customer base, and have to tighten up my route, any opinion is appreciated
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    If you want to do a lawn on Wednesday, tell them you are in their area cutting on Wednesday. Ask if that will be OK. If not then try for Thursday. When Thursday and Friday are filled up, work on Tuesday and Wednesday. The hardest day to fill up is Monday. I just use that day for doing other things to a lawn. Try to get them all in a goup eventually so you can spend a day in one area, another day in another area. You will figure it all out, I did. :)
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    I started just like you many eons ago. My father gave me $1600 a month business to get me started. I now choose to some degree my maintenance accounts, after now building up to a $7000 a month. .

    Take the work until you fill up a day. Then tell people that you already have that day filled and try to get a different day. If you do awsome work, the clients will come to you, not you going to them.
    Good Luck
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    Another way to get them to think about other days is to have discounted prices earlier in the week. Say you want an average $60/hr cutting. Then Fri is $68/hr, Thur is $65/hr, Wed is $60/hr, Tue is $55/hr, & Mon is $52/hr. If they demand, you supply - at a cost, of course.

    These prices are just for an example, use your own judgement for your market. And as you advance, watch the results and adjust as necessary.

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