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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The Mowman, Jun 30, 2000.

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    lawnranger- how are the lawns going with the big 21&quot; mowers? i used to use all 21&quot; mowers, but am awaiting delivery of a big 48&quot; kees. Our job as contracted is to cut the lawns, not socailize, we are not out here to waste our time hearing ms. happy tell us about her goldfish turned green or how she got new dentures. the only time my customers talk to me is when they want services, not socializing.<p>bryan
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    i agree partly with lawnranger. If one of my costomers comes out i will talk to him or her for 5 minutes once in a while. Some costomers ive only met 2 or 3 times in 5 years.... I no alot about most of my costomers and because of that they become very loyal to you. Some of my costomers arent picky.. the just want the grass mowed and would hire any scrub that will do it for 5 dollars less but dont because theyknow me and become very loyal to me. I just keep the talking to a minimum but i also ask how there doing and how that vacation they just went on was.... I havent lost a costomer in 2 years... and there are many low ballers around!
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    By starting this post, I was not trying to mean that you should not talk with customers. I love to talk with customers, but if every single time you go to mow their yard, they want to talk with you for 1/2 an hour, it is costing you money and time. I agree that talking with customers will bring loyalty and the customers who stop you just to say hello or talk about other work or just wanted to quickly point something out is fine with me. My favorite customers though are the ones that come out the door, see you mowing, wave at you while you wave back and then they go back inside. I had one gentlemen come out the door, I stopped to see if he needed anything and he told me he just was admiring us work. I don't mind talking and being friendly but just as long as it is kept to about 5 minutes or less.<p>----------<br>Stephen<br>
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    Lawnranger, The mowman is just trying to get a balance. Trying to figure out how to get a cusomer conversation down to 5 minutes after you finish the yard and still keep them happy. I have mine trained after the first year. For one, never interupt me when I am working just to talk. Sweat pouring on me and you just want to yap, no way. Besides it breaks my rhythem and makes the yard seem that much longer. Now at the end of the job when i go to get my money. I will have a five minute conversation with them and then tell them I have plenty of yards to do and I have to run. But its just plain rude of the customer to interrupt you in the middle of the job for no reason. And its rude of them to try to keep you for more than 5 minutes after you finish. You lose more than an hour of the day talking to customers and thats alot of money. Just tell them you have to go with a smile and they will soon catch on that you are a business man and not their yard boy. I have never lost a customer this way and they all remain friends with me. I have said this on the forum before. Some customers get overly friendly and try to treat you like on of their family. So you will NEVER go up in price on them lol. And if you do you may hurt their feelings. Try to be as business like as you can. Keep business seperated from pleasure. I have said i know a lawn man who never went up on his customers because he like them soo much. His business soon failed<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Charles
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    I absolutely agree on this one. To both sides. ;)<p>I think it's important to spend time with customers, as much as possible, even if it's just for the little things. However, when time is of the essence I get absolutely incensed over the slightest delay. And, of course, the customers who take up the most of your time are the first ones to mention when you are running late to *their* lawn.<p>I think the best answer is higher pricing. Less customers, more pay. That would allow us a little more time at each place for 'the little things'. :)<p>-TGC
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    Well after a while you learn the commings and goings of your customers and can put them near the end of the day that way you are done and still giving that personal touch that gets lost with the large companies.<br>i have two accounts that when they hear my blower crank up they get ready to chat and in the summer they apear with a really large<br>glass of tea and chat by the way the more you talk with them the less likely there going to drop you after all you somewhat become famliy.
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    It's about balance. Some customers are talkers, some are not. Like Bush Master says, try and schedule your talkers towards the end of your route. I think the social aspect is important. I sell my personality along with my service. They tend to be a lot more understanding when I hit a sprinkler head or something. I have one elderly lady who always gets a few minutes of my day for chatting. She started a &quot;diaper fund&quot; for us( baby due Oct. 1st). The fund is up to $90 already. I'd say that makes those few minutes of chatting worth it.<br> Bill
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    I had a customer &quot;waste&quot; my time today, But like I said in an earlier post use the time to sell.<br>Yes, I lost 15 minutes of mowing, but I sold $135 in trimming and $250 to re-mulch the flower beds.
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    I like wasting time talking to customers. I'm a very socibal(even though i don't know how to spell) person. I just keep my crew working. My workers sometimes give me a hard time because because i spend so much time talking, that and we stop every 1/2 for food.

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