Customers watering their lawns or not

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tlg, May 31, 2008.

  1. tlg

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    For the past two months ( April and May) we have had very little precipitation here in Michigan. Our customers for the most part have really not watered like we would like. In fact a few lawns were starting to look like it was the middle of August and going dormant. A very small percentage of our customers have sprinkler systems, those that don't rarely pull the garden hose out and are dependent on mother nature for rain. What percentage of your customers water their lawns on a regular basis? Do your customers water in the applications that you do? What are the reasons you have heard for customers not watering?
  2. Victor

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    I'd say that about half of my customers water their lawns like they're supposed to. I know it's frustrating, but like I tell my customers. Building and maintaining a lawn isn't a single-player sport. It's a team sport. No matter how good my program is, if you don't do your part, you'll never have a great looking lawn. :walking:
  3. jbturf

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    i would round it down to 3 major issues

    2. customers are ignorant
    3. $$$
  4. RigglePLC

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    Yup. Been a little cool and dry in Michigan. But we had 6 tenths of rain last night.
  5. FdLLawnMan

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    I know it is less than 5% of my customers water my their lawn. Only 2 out of 175 have irrigation. In my part of the country that is what we have to live with. That is why I use a very high amount of slow release for my late spring/early summer application and don't normally schedule a mid-summer application. I have heard many customers ***** about the big guys showing up in the middle of summer during a drought and applying. They were not pleased.
  6. americanlawn

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    Got that right jb. Many of our custs have irrigation systems, but few run them unless it's an emergency.:laugh: Most don't even have them up and running yet.

    Been getting calls from several custs ----- up until 10 days ago, we went almost a month with very little rainfall and low humidity. Customers are calling in saying they have brown areas ("even with all the rain":laugh:). These brown areas are always on clay soil lawns where it's in full sun. Nope -- they never watered, but recent rains have greened up every other area of their lawns except in the front where it gets full sun in the p.m. Usually we also see straight lines (from their mower tracks), but sometimes we probe the soil & find layers of sand, gravel, etc. Always the mowing height (KBG) is about 2 inches instead of 3 iches that Universities recommend. Been leaving fact sheets from landgrant universities explaining things, but who knows.........many custs don't bother to read them, and they probably mow when it's hot & sunny.:hammerhead:
  7. Whitey4

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    Funny, sort of.... in my area, my battle is to get my customers to water less frequently , but deeper. they have sprinkler systems, so they figure 20 minutes a zone every morning gets them their $'s worth. That schedule promotes fungus and shallow root systems..... some of them wtaer every day despite water restrictions of every other day, and never between 10am and 4pm.

    What's worse, is that all the newer irrigation controllers won't allow a setting for every 3 days..... my state polititians protecting the public again, and actually end up encouraging water waste.
  8. mikesturf

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    With the way gas prices are, people have to cut back and save money somewhere (water bills). People this year seem content with a weed free lawn and not having the darkest, greenest lawn on the block.
  9. teeca

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    we've had a boat load of rain this spring in indy and the lawns are looking awsome, i'd love to share some with you... but after the drought last year i'm going to be a water hogg about it.. lol
  10. Frank Fescue

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    just reenforce the fact that the lawn is a living thing and it needs water. because im sure they'll complain and tell you its not a watering issue, because we had a great big storm that dumped 2 inches of rain 5 weeks ago.

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