Customers whom use Scot's Turf Builder Having Issues?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lego, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. lego

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    I have been contacted by 4 people so far whom use Scott's Turf Builder products themselves, Lawn Doctor Treatments, and TruGreen - everyone of there yards has giant brown spots and just looks terrible.

    They all tell me normally the lawn looks great but this year everything went down hill. I will get some photo's of them and post, but I wanted to ask; has anyone else come across this and what are you doing to fix?

    My first step was to get a soil test from each of the properties.
    I told them to mow it at 3 1/2" (blue grass) and dropping down to 2 1/4" approximately in the later fall. Thinking about a dethatch this fall for them but not sure with the dramatic changes in weather (82 two days ago, 62 high today). My guess is they over did it with chemicals and the test will show one or more of the levels are off, but I was wondering if anyone else had feed back / similar situation.
  2. foreplease

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    A typical soil test will tell you about pH, nutrients other than Nitrogen, CEC, etc. but will not tell you if a pesticide was applied, much less over applied. Posting pictures here will help. It may be grub damage this time of year old damage from Brown Patch or some other disease. being common to several different properties that have different types of grass (?) makes me think you have grubs. Have you pulled up any of the dead grass and looked underneath?

    Another possibility is irrigation system missing. Also not terribly likely on so many different yards.

    Soil tests are not going to hurt but photos and a look beneath the soil line will be more helpful.
  3. lego

    lego LawnSite Senior Member
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    I will get some photos & check for grubs.

  4. Colonel Forbin

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    Funny my buddy just put some turf builder down with weed control and his lawn looks terrible, brown spots all over, his lawn looked great all spring and summer and everyone's does right now except his. He may have over applied through I'll check for grubs and ask how far his bag went he used my spreader.
  5. lego

    lego LawnSite Senior Member
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    That is the same story with these customers.
    They said it looked beautiful up until July. The neighbors yards look great, but not their yard.
  6. windflower

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    I've been using scotts this year, lawns look good.
  7. M&L

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    When I get those calls, its always been due to the H/O not reading the label, applying it on the hottest day of the year, not measuring and calculating SQ footage, not applying product evenly, not watering after and using drop spreader that grind up coated/slow release ferts.
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  8. lego

    lego LawnSite Senior Member
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    What about the ones that lawn doctor and trugreen applied? Well wait, nevermind. Probably the same.
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    :laugh: ...around here they apply loads of fert in February March long before the first mowing contributing to run off and aquifer contamination....and continue to pour it on in the Spring creating mowing hassles for everybody.

    IMO this does contribute to the epidemic lack of interest in Fall fertilization, lawns loose color now, folks skip out on Fall aeration and then these same one are quick to call in the Spring for turf scrubbing power raking and pseudo dethatch hack jobs with full Spring enthusiasm....?

    Get over here quick and scrub out my lawn in the next 30 min or I'll call someone else.


    Just had to vent.

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  10. lego

    lego LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have been told to schedule treatments aerate dethatch and do whatever I can to make there lawn green before winter

    I got 60 minutes before they call someone else though

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