Customers with no irrigation system

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wildstarblazer, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. wildstarblazer

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    How would you go about taking calls from people who want a lawn program but do not have an irrigation system?. (besides telling them to get one)
  2. Landrus2

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  3. ArTurf

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    I am going to guess your weather patterns are similar to mine. Decent rain in spring but no rain from mid June to Sept depending. I might do a fall and late winter app for winter annuals since they are the most visual weeds customers notice and maybe a early summer app if it is still raining. One app of spring fert and maybe another fert in late summer if rain is expected. You would have to play it by the weather. The last 3 years have been more less drought in my area. I'm in south Arkansas if that helps. Be sure and explain that without irrigation limited results can be expected. I've had people say they will hand water but that gets old quick and they do not water properly.
  4. White Gardens

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    Who ever said you couldn't do a program without irrigation?

  5. turf hokie

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    Exactly, we have a few without irrigation and they will look better than some that have irrigation because people dont know how to properly water anyway.....

    I have told people to turn off irrigation systems in the past because they were bithcing about a $400 water bill or they were watering for 10 minutes in July and doing more harm than good....
  6. wildstarblazer

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    Well one thing is watering a pre-emerge in if needed. Trying to run your biz around when it's gonna rain is not easy if you start to get many customers without irrigation.
  7. ArTurf

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    We did not get our Sept rains [oct also] so I skipped all the non irrigated customers this Fall. If the weather is regular they get regular treatments without the summer feeding. They are really hit and miss with the fert and pre m and I tell them that. But then again, a lot of the ones with irrigation flood the zones with spray heads and barely settle the dust in the zones with rotors.

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