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    I'm looking to take this full time next year and im trying to build up enough mowing accounts so i can be mowing atleast 4 full days a week. Right now i have enough work for one full day a week.

    how do i go about getting more customers weather they be commercial or residential. I have or will have all the equipment i need. The only thing missing is the customers. Help
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    To gain that much in one year, save up about 50k and spend it on advertising.
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    dude do a search on this topic... it's been brought up a thousand times!

    Get your ass in gear and go out and look for the work. any information you get from here is our two cents not gonna help you if you can't act it out. its like me being a ford guy telling you to buy a f250 over a dodge and dodge guy tellin you guy his cummins over a powerstroke. It's our two cents... me i am a people person and i can talk to just about anyone/ i go straight into places and ask and look for the work. what you get from this post is going to be many diff. opinions... how did you get your first customers? you went out and found them right? doubt they were just handed to you. look for work be competitive on pricing. advertise. the hard work and dedication will pay off only if YOU put in the hard work. we can tell you do gimmicks and all kinds of other stuff BUT it may NOT work for YOU! It may work for me and not you. talk to a local shop about cutting their grass for free and letting you advertise a sign in the yard and them recommend you. one thing you have to have is drive and that is what america's all about. you think presidents onto a site and asked "how do i run a country?" they look at others, learn the trade and then wing it.

    good luck on getting customers. do things that make you stand out. look at threads ALREADY POSTED. there are tons of them with the same question.

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