Cut and Hold Rose Pruners

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by andyslawncare, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Does anyone use these?

    Seems that cuts on the hands could be minimized a good bit with them. This year I pruned so many roses that even when my hands were at the cleanest, there was still visible black prick marks on all areas of my palms and fingers for at least a month. I don't believe in gloves either...if I ever do wear gloves its the finger-less kind.

    ITs a pretty good price...I might pick up a few pairs if they actually work. January-March is pretty much all hands on pruning for us. We do a lot of renewal and a ton of roses!
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    So it holds them to pull it out the bush and what just open it back up and releases? I ve never seen anything like them....Im interested...we have a ton at my house and my clients have some but I shy away from those battles.
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    Yeah, that the promise... Here is a video of a similar product

    I pride myself as being a pruning specialist of some sort, so I take any job that's willing to pay my rate and specialty pruning costs more than sheering a hedge for the customer--its normal for me to sell $400+ renewal pruning jobs during the winter to new customers. Usually we renewal prune knock outs every year, some varieties are pruned several times per year--either way, we prune all types heavily late winter unless they are a trellised or trailing variety--those are still pruned but not in the same way.

    Attached is a photo of some of the roses we renewal pruned to 12-18'' 2/15/12, photo taken 4/12/12. Good results are given by pruning knockout 2-3 times per year. There is a good market and demand for rose pruning. If I had to guess, we completed around 120 man hours of rose pruning this year and expect more next year. I do rose pruning from $75-85/hr for 2 men. We wait until buds are swollen in February, then cut above them. Sometimes its not visible, so you have to rely on dormant buds to break and there can be risks.

    Knock out Roses pruned 2.15.2012 photo taken 4.12.12.jpg

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