Cut it shorter..... ya right.


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We still do some every two week cuts but the customer pays more for each thing we have to do differently to have them satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes it is close to double what a weekly cut would be.


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That 1/3-rule requires a HUGE grain of salt, imho. Actually, I'd call it close to a steaming pile of malarkey.

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This is how stupid some customers are. I cut this lawn every other week, and even with all this rain, it's still manageable.
Here is a text I just got.

"A couple of things I have noticed. Each time we or the dogs come in the house we bring in lots of grass shavings. Can those not be picked up as you are mowing? Secondly, I'd like the grass cut shorter. It tends to lie down flat rather than being cut off and a couple of days later it looks like it needs cutting again. Is there anything that can be done about these issues?"

If it's laying down and not being cut off, then where are those "shavings" coming from.
And if she thinks it needs cutting a couple of days later, why do you want me to wait 2 weeks. Might just be firing this customer.

Sounds typical. Used to cut grass and would have to go over some yards twice just to get a good cut. Then customer comes out and asks for it to be cut shorter. Stupid.

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