Cut off saw or compound miter ?

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    How's that one working for you? I bought a cheapo from a similar store and made 5 cuts with it and the blade was trashed. I was told to go and get another blade, but on my way I stopped by a local auction and ended up buy a used Nikiata (sp?) for $57. I would sell the chapo for $30 and take a $20 loss just to get the thing out of my

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    So far so good. I have never used a commercial cut off saw so I can't say how fast or slow the blade will go through a piece of angle, but on my first cut I chipped the wheel because I went too fast. From then on I went slow and it was fine. It may have a slower RPM on the blade than a more expensive machine. Like I said, it will see limited use so it is fine for me. But if it was an everyday tool I would have spent the money on a commercial cutter.

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    I was in the same situation. Wanted to get one saw for everything. Ended up getting a nice 14 miter at Sears. Cut the hell out of wood. Tried to cut steel (with an abrasive wheel) and dam near burned the saw to the ground.

    1. VERY IMPORTANT - Wood saws use plastic and aluminum parts and will melt.

    2. Motors on chop saws are higher amps and can take the strain of cutting steel.

    3. No plastic parts on chop saws.

    Cut wood go for a wood saw. Cut metal go for a chop saw.
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    Miter saws verses chop saws

    1. mitersaws turn at higher rpms than chopsaw, using a regular chopsaw blade on a mitersaw can result in the blade shattering and throwing little bits all thru your body.
    2. Mitersaws are made with to much plastic and will melt.( as already stated)
    3. Using abrasive blades on skill type saws is alright for the occasional cut but you burn up those little blades in a hurry and is hard on the skill saw also.
    4. Have used adrasive blades on table saws, (see no.3)
    5. Can not interchange Diamond blades or Carbide blades with Abravise blades. Again blades turn at different rpms. (see no.1)
    6. To advoid chipping or breaking abravise blades, start cut slowly and try to cut from the edge of the metal and not from the flat side.
    7. Avoid using blades that have been exposed to excessive moisture. Abravise blades soak up moisture and have a tendences to come apart when they heat up during cutting, sometimes violently.

    jeffyr, glad to see that you ordered the chopsaw, probably saved yourself a lot of misery latter on, one trip to the doctor will cost a lot more than the chopsaw

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