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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Joe Salazar, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Is there a place on this forum I can find information of various cut patterns? I have never had the need for a riding mower. Always used small walk behind and cut in circle pattern. Am now cutting 1.5 acre(s) on a new 48" cut scag tiger cub ztr. I have only cut this lot a couple of times this season. Any info would be appreciated. Live in South East Texas, St. Augustine/pasture mix.
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    your cutting pattern will depend on the obsticles in the property. if its open land and its worth the time for more turns, then mow at 45 degree angles and change it each time you cut to make a checker board look. or mow straight across (along the street or other straight line of sight) then mow at a 90 degree to it the next cut if making the turns is not too time consuming. some of our lawns we will mow like described below, but many of them are just always straight lines to the curb. just be careful with the heavier machine to not always go in the exact same lines!!! you will make the ground very hard under the weight of the machine in just that area!! so move a foot or so each time to make different marks in the ground. use your best're the one thats seeing these lawns that your doing...

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