Cut Quality???? What is it??

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    New to the board and to the lawn industry in general. I thought I had my mower all picked out and ready to go untill i came here to learn more. I am 90% sure i will be purchasing a Hustler S.D. 25/54 for my home which is 2.5 acres of fairly flat and smooth grass. The only concern that I can find on the Hustlers are a few people complain about the CUT QUALITY!!! What is that??? I demoed Scag, Hustler, Exmark and Bobcat and i couldn't reallly tell a huge difference between the three! Is it how the grass looks when you are done cutting or are they refering to uncut strips or how the mower discharges the grass, or a combination of all???? Does it matter where you cut North, South etc. as to how the mower will cut and the quality? Thanks for any and all input! P.S. Any Hustler S.D. owners out there want to give feed back on their mowers?????
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    i have a hustler WB 48" and it has a tendency to leave a strip of uncut grass between the center blade and the closed end blade, not the same mower but thats my two cents
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    your right...

    all the above in turn relate to the cut quaility, Were interested in the final results....

    Do I have clumps of grasses ?
    Do I have a line of uncut grasses ?
    is my discharge evenly distrubited ?
    Can I cut with this or that mover in a timely manner ?
    does this or that mower eat more blades ?

    there are several post with pics ya may wanna do a search and look at some diffrent mowers...

    Hovever keep in mind,,, Where is our dealer ? 50 miles away ? or close by ?
    how long has he been in business ?

    Good Luck And God bless
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    Quality of cut, well it's a combination of things. Uniformity of cut, is all the grass cut to the same height? carpet smooth or are there some blades higher or missed. Does it leave strips of grass? Does it leave clumps or windrows in normal or damp conditions? Etc, etc. Of course quality is in the eye of the beholder. If you are happy then I see no reason not to buy the one you want. Grass is different everywhere and there can be quality problems in one area with a particular deck while it preforms fine in another. Most of the guys on this forum are in the commercial lawn care business and we may look at the lawn differently than someone who is not in the field of lawn care. To be honest most customers are not as picky as we are and never notice, but there are exceptions. We could probably learn a lesson by listening to our customers and try to see what they view as important instead of what we think should be important to them.

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