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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by trying 2b organic, Jan 6, 2004.

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    After reading a related thread im thinking about changing my weekly by-weekly or every 10 days to just giving them the choice between two programs, one with 20 cuts and one with 25 cuts per yr. In my neck of the woods that will be 3 cuts per month or 4 yet give me some flexablity in terms of the weather which can get nuts here. We can lose days and days to rain, then have a drougt. Can you guys plz give me some advise and tell me what u think of my idea.
    My contracts are not binding on customer, I dont force myself on people who dont want my service, also, I would never bill except for work done so if it ends up at one cut less then the prgm dictated then the would not pay for that cut. I bill my customers monthly.
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    Since you dont force payments. (the only way to do it IMHO) I would offer the 25 cuts per season. That way you are offering top-notch service and being very attentive to their lawn. Plus, if they forget to call you and you do the lawn, what happens?payup

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