Cutbacks on ornamentals??

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. I know march is prob the safest bet. However with our unusual feb warm weather, anyone starting cutbacks in feb?
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  2. rob7233

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    This year has been off the charts crazy. Depending on your scheduling and workload, I wouldn't start any earlier than after Valentine's Day. However, after March 1st would put you in the clear in my area (9B). New growth here can already be seen.
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    Yeah the Raphiolepis indica are about to blow up, so many buds right now.
  4. Nice use of scientific name!!! Yea, all of our damaged stuff has new growth already.
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  5. Nice use of scientific name!!! Yea, all of our damaged stuff has new growth already.
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  6. Ric

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    A few Years ago I arrived at a spray customers house to find him trimming back Cold damage before our no freeze date. I tried my best to explain Why not to trim now. His answer was yes but the Boss (wife) ordered it and I like my happy home.

    Point here is sometimes you got to go with the flow and hope for the best. I believe you are on the Treasure Coast and depending on how far inland might get away with trimming now. The Gulf stream effects your weather and I want to believe I would freeze long before you would.
  7. Ric I am below the treasure coast. I would normally wait until March, but we have now had 4 days with highs at or above 80. The stuff that was damagedhas had new growth about 2 weeks ago. The only reason I am hesitant is that the weather has been wacky and who knows, we get an unexpected freeze or frost....
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  8. Ric

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    Diamond 176817

    It is your call. My point was sometimes we have to break Protocol to keep a customer happy. I admit there have been times I sprayed straight Water and billed a customer JUST TO KEEP THEM HAPPY. BTW I learned that trick from Steve Brown a county extension agent who recommended it on one of my accounts. Understand he wasn't trying to rip the customer and I wasn't either.
  9. Ric it isn't a matter of customers questioning it, I just want to get ornamentals to start looking good again....I understand what you are saying though....
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  10. melvern

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    I'm in Jupiter & I've started cutting some, especially the plants that hold their dead leaves & look esp. hideous - Mammey crotons, cocoplum, Petite Ixora...

    The variation in damage is amazing. On one property, there is a cocoplum hedge that is fine on one side & the other side looks like someone took a blow torch to it. I think sprinklers going on may have exacerbated the damage, which I find kind of surprising since it barely got below freezing here.

    Has is gotten to the point where anyone is re-thinking the plant material they will use going forward? When I first moved here, I checked the historical weather data on freezes. In the 80's there had been 12 in W. Palm Beach (it even snowed in Miami once), but for '90 - '97 there had been -0-. I wonder if were are going into a new colder cycle...

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