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    The chances are not slim. Rather every customer is one cheap bid away, one lost income, or a kid growing up and can now mow the lawn. I just lost 6 customers in 2 days all in the same street BC someone is treating their beds, lawn, and doing everything really but mowing for 1/4 of my price. Are they loosing money? Yes. But the company doing it does excellent work, no worse or no better than mine. My properties on that street are the best by far. They just couldn't pass up an incredible deal
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    Kudos for taking the leap. 20 some odd years ago I took the leap of being full time self employed, and suffered a harsh winter when interest rates were through the roof and jobs were scarce. It was like taking a A-Whoopin, and I still remember how much it hurt.
    But, I'm still alive.
    It might have it's ups and downs, but it's unlikely to kill you.

    I only say this next statement because I live it and taught my children this way -- DO NOT BORROW MONEY!!
    It's easy to borrow and hard to find a way to get what you need without borrowing - don't always take the easy way - its easy for reason.
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    Not to be negative but just was making a point earlier about what you can do with used equipment if you take the time to collect. BUT I can not stress enough too many jump into this business with a proper business plan. Are some success just jumping in? Yes but you need to know that a LOT higher percentage become success and faster with a well written plan. It does so much for you. Such as keeps you on track. But with any plan, you need to relook at it atleast once a new as goals change, industry is every evolving and etc. I am currently kicking my goals butts so this winter I will be rewriting my goals. You will not regret looking into this.
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    Just wanted to stir the pot and give an update.....

    To all the BadBoy haters out there......theres no need for that. Since the start of my business (Sept. 2013) i have used a 48" BadBoy stander with the kawasaki motor. I have gotten so many customers just strictly off how good my mower cuts lines. Now a lot of that is because its not that hard to cut nicer lines than the guys in my area but its also the mower. I not only do nice yards and get compliments more than i wouldve thought but i also cut foreclosures. And if anyone knows foreclosures....its a foreclosure. Get it done and get it done fast so you can move onto the next one. Since there is no regard for how the yard looks and they just want it cut....ill be honest. I fly through foreclosures. And when im moving fast my mower is still cutting crisp lines, through that thin bahia grass beautifully. But enough with my mower....i just thought i would throw something good out there about BadBoy since it seems like basically everyone on this forum bashes them.

    Now for the update....MY BUSINESS IS TAKING OFF! I had a feeling i was gonna have an easy time starting up in the area because of my last name but never was i prepared for this! Dont get me wrong...I love the income and dont mind working my a$$ off but WOW. Since the start in Sept 2013 i have accumulated 100 residential accounts exactly, 2 commercial accounts and whatever foreclosure work my realtor gives me every week. Which will prolly change soon cuz i already picked up 7 new accounts in the past 2 weeks! Its a lot of work but i love being outside and im young!

    I honestly wouldnt have thought to do a lot of the things i did to start the company if it wasnt for this site. So thank you to all that helped and answered my questions cuz its definitely paying off as of now!
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    ohh....and here is my logo! Let me know what you guys think cuz it is soon to be wrapped around my truck!

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    if you cut lawns, why is your logo a tree?

    IT also doesn't look very florida OR Ireland.

    Like the logo… just doesn't fit your business or the locale
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    ^^^^^Pay no attention to Debbie Downer.

    Nice work!!!! Sounds like things are great! Out of those 100 customers, how many are foreclosures?
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    Congrats! I think the logo looks good. I take it you are full time now?
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    my name is Michael Ireland....hence the ireland. And im not irish. the last name ireland is german/italian....hence the missing "irish" theme. and why be like everyone else in florida and put a palm tree into my logo? just sounds like a bad advertising idea from the get go.
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    it depends from week to week. but i usually average about 20-30 jobs from foreclosures a week on top of my normal monthly paying accounts. and the jobs can be lock changes, window boarding, winterization and then obviously basic lawn/tree maintenance. but i dont get the same houses each week, it all depends on what houses my realtor gets from the property preservation company. i usually only cut the same foreclosures like once a month and only trim trees from touching the design or sculpting. BUT for someone like me starting out in the business these foreclosures were an amazing way to learn my machines and the art of landscaping. i blast through the foreclosures now because i now know how to manage my time better but when i first started i took my time. i learned how to cut nice lines, weed eat fast but still be quality work, edge around oddly shaped surfaces and still make crisp lines. then learned shaping and sculpting hedges/trees. i HIGHLY recommend anyone starting out in the country to get into this foreclosure game.

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