Cutting a deep landscape bed

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cutman2000, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I'd rather do that than have my edges look like crap and use a terrible piece of equipment.

    Get real edger, not a glorified string trimmer.

    You should be able to bang out a tree ever 1-2 minutes with a walk behind edger and 90%-100% of walk behind edgers have a lot better edge than the BRD280.
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  2. weeze

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    just put borders around the tree rings and beds then you can just trim around them.
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    Yes and no. You can buy the dedicated BRD280. You can also buy ths PAS280 system and get the definer attatchment. i have a PAS280 and PAS265 system. The 265 runs the BRD fine in sandy soil. I only use it on old overgrown edges. A weekly pass witha standard stick edger keeps them sharp. I also have a Brown for cutting brand new beds out. If you don't do a lot of beds it's tough to justify the cash outlay. Not to mention the BRD does not work well in clay at all.:usflag:
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    The OP was looking for a tool to keep the beds edged and not create them I assume. A brown bed edger or other walk behind creates a deeper trench which works great for new installs. But the BRD can keep the edge looking good and do it far quicker, easier, and cheaper. And a WB bed edger sucks on hills.

    If you were shooting debris out 200' you were not using it properly.

    I have never used it in clay but can imagine it would not have the power. There is no clay in my area so not a problem for me.

    $600 for the BRD has been one of the best investments we made. Because of its usefullness, I have sold many edging jobs where the beds and trees need to be redefined. My price was lower than others since we can do the work in half the time rather than using a shovel.

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