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Cutting around trees


LawnSite Member
Fargo, ND
I was wondering what the best way to cut around lowhanging trees is, and either searched using the wrong term, or there were no previous posts. I can't imagine a good way other than with a push mower pushing and pulling around the tree in a spoke looking pattern, but that isn't a very good way.


Yardley, PA.
1. Just cut around it as close as you can and then finish with a string trimmer.

2. Put a ring of mulch under the tree.

3. Depending on the tree, prune it up so you can get under it.

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
If the branches are so low that they actually touch the ground then you cannot be expected to have a lawn cut pattern under the tree. They are lucky you cut under there at all. Usually I can lift the branches one handed and drive my ZTR in and out with the other hand what ever is left is done with the wackers. The worst yard I have ever done in my life had some 10 or more trees that all had branches touching the ground. The grand daddy of the trees was a Chinese cherry tree 30-inch trunk 45-foot radius and the branches all touched the ground and there was lawn under that beast. I don’t miss that over grown dump at all and it is nice not to bleed every time you cut a lawn.