Cutting around vinyl fencing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr.Ziffel, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Mr.Ziffel

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    Does anyone cut or trim around vinyl fencing? I'm specifically interested in the 3- or 4-rail ranch style fence. I'm mainly interested in how careful you have to be of the posts and how well the fence itself is standing up to weather, aging, being cut around, etc. Thanks for any information.

    Will M>
  2. rodney

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    i think that vinly fence is very tough weed eater proof its nothing like vinly siding on a house that if you was to hit it with a weed eater it would crack or bust it . i took a sectoin down in the winter and it was very cold and had to hit it with a hammer to get it apart very tough stuff it does cost a lot but worth it no maintenance put it up and it last foreever and look good
  3. fastlane

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    spray weed killer around posts. easier, and white posts won't be green from trimmer.
  4. TLS

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    Mr. Ziffel,

    I have a few customers with it. One has the 3 rail, post and rail White vinyl fence. It takes the string trimmer pretty good. The other houses have the solid (dont know the name) white 6' high white vinyl. The only thing that is a pain is grass LOVES to stick to it! Don't matter how careful you are, one gust of wind makes that juicy grass stick right to it. Your better off leaving it dry, and then blowing it off, as trying to remove the grass when its wet will only smear grass stains all over it!
    Are you thinking about installing some for your house? Or do you already have a lot? If you are... If there's a way to make that bottom rail higher than the bearing cup on your Lazers caster arm, then do that! This way you can mow underneath it and avoid hitting the bottom rail.

    For long fence runs, try a PGR like Primo or similar. They will all but eliminate any trimming and the related hassles. Plus just Round-Upping the posts will lead to erosion of the soil around the post and eventually loosen the post.

    Good Luck!
  5. Dennis

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    I have found (the hard way) that these fences are not as tough as people think, you must be very careful around the corners and the bottom of the pickets, I know split rail has no pickets, the best way is ask if you can roundup very small band around posts, explain that it is IMPOSSIBLE to weedeat right up next to a post without damage, and in time you will damage it.

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