Cutting Big Timber in New Hampshire

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by curtisfarmer, Jan 8, 2010.

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    I think that's beech that chris is sitting on. That log would end up as a pallet or tie log around here. Ive seen oak logs ground up by the hundreds because it was cheaper to blow them into the woods than haul them to the mill. Yeah some tom dick or harry with a little wood shop would have had them milled but you don't make much money catering to him. He wants one log.

    Only thing worth a **** right now around here is white oak and walnut.

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    I am just up the road from Curtisfarmer in Maine and yup chipping is big money I am the next town over from Sappi Paper mill and they truck chips there like it is no ones business. They have a storage yard that is huge, probably 100 yards wide by 300 yards long and 3 stories high that is all chips. They get so many chips per day that that have 2, yes 2 dumping landings that truck and trailer back onto and raises the whole truck to a 40 to 50 degree dump angle to dump the chippings to make dumping faster. So GR "around here" that is how they do it.
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    You dont see pulpwood here on trailers anymore, its all chip vans, only high grade pine or hardwood goes through on trailers, but the market is so rotten there really isnt much going on around here logging wise. What kind of money are you getting per thousand with that big pine curtisfarmer? I love cutting big pine! Do you own the logging biz?

    Hey do you guys remember the show "Ice Loggers" on TLC or discovery last winter?? Wasnt that in Alberta? Seems like that was a MASSIVE chipping operation, like 24/7 with two whole tree machines going at the same time! No chipping in Canada? Huh!
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    Our logging market has been decimated, lots of companies going under and visibly reduced opertaions. Big around here is a job with 4-6 skidders, whole tree chipper, everything mechanized, doing about 8-14+ loads chips a day and about 50-100 MBF saw logs a day.

    A recent job in my neighborhood was enormous. The biggest stack of logs I have every seen on a landing, looked like a black and white photo from the past. One early winter evening on a cold December you could hear the trucks making the climb out of the river valley to the hills we live on around here. A huge fleet of low boys carrying what semed like a CAT army.....they just unloaded about 10 peices of huge equipment and started crashing thru the woods to get the stuff off the road. It looked like war of the worlds at night with smoke and equipment lights, huge machines just tearing up the forest trying to make an emergency equipment landing to get it off the street. Driving over huge trees with rock truck tailgates, tree shear howling, skidders raging thru the forest, and excavators installing culverts and stumping. All at night and that was the first wave of deliveries. They did 740 MBF in about 7 days....while stumping and picking up the slash in the whole area in the dead of winter and grinding it all up with a brand new CBI 1,150 HP grider. Awesom loud, you could here it for miles. The company Eastern Logging was all CAT with some Tigercat, had a complete fleet of CAT Forestry excavators, rock trucks, loaders, dozers, and everything else to complimnet the true forestry equipment. A fleet of CAT 545 skidders and tracked 330 D LLs Forestry log loaders. The pile of logs was just huge, like as far as a 330 D LL can reach, about 40'? As hitches came out of the woods to the pile the army of log loaders would handle, cut, stack, chipper, and what ever in a crazy frenzied ant colony like pace. All of the logs went to Canada and the cutting was done way before the logs could be trucked, they left part of the crew to deal with the pile. They needed trucks so bad a huge fleet of auto demo trailers with open tops came down and they just dropped the logs into the trailers like sticks. The trucks going to Canada have to be 80K LBS. GVW, tiny loads with logs about 5-6 MBF, but the few trucks the logging company had hauling to their yard where carrying like 150+ K!!!

    Eastern Logging is now no more, that was their 2nd to last job, and the bank came with a fleet of low boys and away they went. Too big, too much equipment in a shrinking market around here.

    Needless to say, it was all pretty impressive for eastern area forestry in the rural burbs. Up in our true forest areas of the state and ME, it is even bigger and 24/6 with multiple crews.

    I was getting $200 per 1MBF sawlogs #2 and better with pallet logs at $50 per 1 MBF and $2 per ton chips. Basically about $1,100 per tractor trailer load of logs. Now, you may get 1/2 that. The logging market is a whores business, and most people get raped by loggers. I won't go into log scales and grading but in a nut shell 10% of the logs are 90% of the total$.
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    Around here all the timber comes off gov't land the logger has to bid on the timber sale. You guys log private land and never gets replanted so once its gone its gone. Here once a area is logged its replanted and can be logged again in another 10 years time. There are areas here where one logging contractor logged a area 15 years ago and went back and logged the area again.

    It is called sustainable forestry there will always be marketable timber to cut.

    A logging truck here can haul 30 ton of wood the logs are 60 feet long. Depending on the load your looking at 20 grand per truck load if its a load of premium western red cedar probably looking at 40 grand per load.

    Forestry is big money for this province when California's building boom was going 90% of the wood come from B.C.
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    I have been running 1 large logging job this winter, we did about 400MBF to date and about 1200 tons of chips. I had to stop due to the mud season road weight restriction. We will be restarting come May again for another 100MBF. Getting ready to roll a fairly large job May 1st which will be significcantly larger 143 acres, 10-12 loads a day. We are doing about 6 right now off 72 acres. Here are some of the feller bunchers I am using.

    Having problems posting pics???
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    Thats some sweet equipment. I love watching big logging jobs.
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    OK, pictures coming: 6 wheeled Timber Pro with intermitent head, Timbco with hot saw and new Timber Pro tracked shear with hot saw. Those tracks are almost 5' high and is a D9 size under carriage. :weightlifter::weightlifter:
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    I just tried again and it keeps giving me some message about security tokens missing???
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    Can i play at this game too?

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