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Cutting Corners and Trimming Costs?


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I had 500 business cards made and it was going to cost appx. $36.00 extra to have the back side of the card printed. I decided to pay $15.00 for a stamp that I could use to stamp on the date and weekly maintence fee. I looked something like this:

Date: __________

Weekly Maintence $______

I figured it would be cost efficient for when I am in the field and someone asks how much I charge I can give them my card and the fee that I would charge. Has anyone tried this? Keep in mind I just started in the business.


LawnSite Member
how do you go about getting ones of these stamps for 15$?
You know of any web sites online to get them??

thanks guys

Metro Lawn

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Just paid 39.00 for 2,000 full color (four color) business cards with full back printing. Add shipping and it was still under $50. www.vistaprint.com/promo


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Why not just have the back done with the that info on it. Then you don't have to mess with a stamp. I think a professional print would look better too.


Team Gopher

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Hi jcr_17,

If you are on a low budget, you can also get the business card template sheets to use with your own printer. I am sure you could get very nice results from them.