Cutting dandelions and wild onion- problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Apr 24, 2003.

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    I have three customers with a ton of dandelions and some onions. All elderly and retired. All three of them are very tight and two are nitpickers. None of them want to pay to get rid of them and don't care if they have a nice lawn or not. The two nit pickers think that it's my fault they have dandelions or something and keep griping because my mower isnt' cutting them hardly. Now I am going about 3mph on these lawns to try and get them cut and I'm running double blades (gator over medium lift) cutting these lawns first after the blades are sharpened. It's still not cutting the dandelions hardly at all. I understand that they don't like the fact that my mower isn't cutting them but it's not my fault they have dandelions!!! Some people want everything for nothing.

    So what can I do to get those not-so-dandy-lions cut? As most of you know I have an old style Scag 52" walk behind and like I said running doubles on it. I can cut about 5mph with it if there's no dandelions but then I have to slow to about 3mph and it still doesn't get them well :angry: any suggestions?
  2. Both weeds will be taller than what you cut them at in a matter of hours. There is nothing you can do but get rid of the weeds.

    I guess there is where experience and knowledge comes in. No matter how well you cut those 2 weeds they will be up in a matter of hours.

    See "I" would of know this to explain to the customer, that this would happen. "I" also tell them if they don't like it, to have me or another company apply the right chem to kill them and get rid of those weeds so "their" problem doesn't persist.
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    just tell them if they dont want to pay to get rid of the yellow tops then they are just gunna have to deal with them till there done blooming. I think there kinda pretty when there are tons of them in a field :)
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    Use all your blade spacers on the bottom. This will space your blades lower in the deck. Once a Dandilion or onion grass is pushed over it stays over till the mower deck passes over. The lower you have the blades in the deck, the better.

    Try it!
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    BHB, don't worry too much about the dandelions, it's a proven fact that just as the blades get to them they duck down then spring back up after you pass over them. Also they grow just like Homer Simpson's beard, he shaves then as soon as he sets the shaver down it's right back.
    It takes sharp blades and good lift to cut dandelions. They also are harder to cut when it's hot out as they get "wiry" Maybe you could try to cut these properties when it's cooler in the morning?
  6. Green Pastures

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    I honestly don't know how you can stand it. I don't mean to be offensive but good Lord it's YOUR business reputation that is at stake. When other people drive by and see your truck there week after week and 1 day after you leave there are dandelions sticking up all over the place. Do they think "Well it's not Joe landscapers fault, those pesky dandelions are a hard weed to control." NO, they blame you, and they probably think you're just a scrub.

    Maybe I'm the one with the bad attitude, but if my prospective customers start off by telling me how I'm going to do my job, I'll decline the job quicker than greased lightning.

    If they will not give me the total package I don't want the mowing only.

    I want mowing, weed control, hedge and bush maintenance, mulching, everything except tree work.

    When I leave a property I leave it in tip top shape, it reflects on me.

    Budget, fixed income, it's all smoke. It would cost them a small sum of money to rid the lawn of dandelions and onions, and a small sum to keep them away.

    I'd try to sell them on this service if they didn't go for it, I'd dump them. Let the neighborhood kid do their lawn. You take care of the people who have as much pride in their lawn as you do.:D
  7. TaussigLawnCare

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    When I have that problem I offer to spray part of it for free so they will see how good it will affect it then give them alittle discounted price the first time so your lawn will look better. Then in the years to come up the price some what on the spraying. I guess lawn proz would call me a scrub for this to but I think your customers will end up buying the service and if you do good enough job the neighbors would want you too. Thats my 2 cents right there
  8. The neighborhood kid is doing the lawn in question.

    That's the difference between me and many others, I the past I wasn't going to turn down a lawn that didn't give me the weed control, and other stuff. I was the lawn mowing man.

    Now I could care less, I want all but the mowing.
  9. John Gamba

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    Come Get My PRO 150-50 It Cuts All The Weeds And Then Some.
    . I Had One Scag Walk When I Bought A Lawn Business It Would NOT Cut weeds So I Cut It to The Competition.
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    Thanks guys. Sorry but I can't afford to be picky about my customers or i'd be out of business.

    John is that a gravely walk behind? If you have any pics and details send them to me with price. Doubt I'm interested but I have been thinking about trading my Scag off :eek: :eek: it does a good job on real grass but these weedy lawns it stinks on... I'm kind of burnt out on it want to try something else. I'm seriously thinking about an eXmark! Hate that I say that LOL. Maybe a Toro. Who knows. Maybe I will just keep it.

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