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    Are any of you using Cutting Edge Grass? It costs about $7.00 a pond and takes 5# per K to establish. You only fert once per year, and only mow twice per year. What the hell?
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    I looked at that website. That is a scam.
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    Total scam. Should know that just from the corny name. Had a customer call me in fl about it. I asked her what kind of grass, she didn't know. I called the company even though I already told her it was probably a scam. Guy answers and can't speak English. Ask him what type of seed he is trying to sell someone in Florida. Tells me it's mostly Kentucky blue and a tall fescue:hammerhead: I tell him he should stop ripping people off and to educate himself on c4 and c3 grasses.
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    is that the grass that grows that looks like it already striped.
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    Detailed overview of Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed.

    Facts and Information

    May 2012

    Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed is a revolutionary patent-pending blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and other top-rated cultivars. Our blend is specifically designed to be exceptionally beautiful and to require exceptionally low maintenance.

    Some important facts about Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed:

    √ Combining Exceptional Beauty and Low Maintenance . . .
    • Each Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed cultivar has been highly rated by the National Turf Evaluation Program for attractive color and texture, disease resistance and low-maintenance properties.
    • Once Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed is established, your beautiful lawn will require minimal to no cutting, watering or fertilizing.
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed gives you the best of all worlds: an exceptionally beautiful lawn while it saves you time and money—and helps you be environmentally responsible.

    √ Minimal Watering . . .
    • Many established Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed lawns thrive on only naturally occurring rainwater and/or ambient groundwater.
    • The reason for this is that a Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed lawn is designed to grow deep roots up to 48 inches deep. This deep, groundwater-seeking root structure allows Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed to thrive during dry conditions.

    √ Minimal Mowing . . .
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed is designed with exceptionally slow growth “dwarf” characteristics. In fact, once established, your Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed lawn needs only occasional mowing . . . often only a few times in the spring and again in the fall.
    • In some landscape design settings, customers report choosing not to mow at all while still maintaining what they call an attractive “well-managed appearance.”

    √ Minimal Fertilizing . . .
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed often does well with little or no fertilization.
    • When one does occasionally mow, we recommend leaving the grass clippings. The grass clippings add nutrients back into the soil and help maintain Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed’s lush blue/green appearance.
    • In some cases, especially in the fall, some fertilizing may be necessary to compensate for a lack of nutrients in the soil. As with all lawns, we caution that over-fertilizing can increase any lawn’s susceptibility to disease.

    √ Disease and Insect Resistant . . .
    • We use endophyte-enhanced seed cultivars. This means that they have naturally occurring “good” fungi that live symbiotically within the grass and help repel insects and improve overall stress tolerance.
    • We also use cultivars that help promote Gray leaf spot disease resistance.

    √ Thick Turf . . .
    • We use rhizome-enhanced seed cultivars that promote robust horizontal growth of roots and shoots.

    √ Combats Weeds . . .
    • Our rhizome enhancement allows Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed to fill in quickly and thickly and helps crowd out crabgrass and weeds without the excessive use of herbicides.

    √ A Hardy, Well-Balanced C-3 Blend . . .
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed works equally well in sunny and shady areas.
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed is ideal for both the northern US and southern Canadian “Cool Season” zones, and for most parts of the mid-US “Transition” zone.
    • Use of Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed in the southern US “Warm Season” zone should be carefully limited to professionally managed temporary winter greening of dormant C-4 grasses.

    √ Excellent Near Highways, Driveways and Ocean-Front Properties . . .
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed is blended to tolerate higher salt environments compared to many other blends. This means Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed should be your first choice for ocean-front lawns or grassy areas near highways, parking lots and other areas exposed to higher than normal salt levels.

    √ Child-, Pet-, and Environmentally Friendly . . .
    • Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed’s exceptional low maintenance design means eliminating or dramatically reducing the need for regular watering, fertilizing and chemical treatments. And less mowing saves you time and helps the environment by reducing the use of carbon-based fuels and the emissions they create.

    √ LEED Certification . . .
    • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building, home or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. We at Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed urge you to support these worthy goals and principles by choosing Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed.
    • Each project can become LEED certified when enough sustainable materials are used within the point system. Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed’s features will help you achieve a sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor landscape.

    √ Important Additional Information . . .
    • Our endophyte- and rhizome-enhanced seed cultivars mean Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed will significantly strengthen your lawn’s natural ability to resist disease, repel insects and repair itself. As with any grass blend, Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed is not totally disease- and insect-proof.
    • Like all other cool season C-3 blends, the ideal time to start a Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed lawn is the early fall when nights are cool, days are moderately warm, and your lawn can establish itself during the upcoming winter and spring seasons.
    • We do not advise starting a Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed lawn when you will be competing with early germinating weeds and would not have adequate establishment time to develop sufficient root depth to tolerate hot and dry conditions.
    • Because of our endophyte enhancement, Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed, like any other endophyte-enhanced seed, should not be used where grazing animals or horses may eat the grass.
    • For Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed’s features to fully perform, your lawn must be well established. Results may vary, depending on local soil and environmental conditions.

    For more information, please visit the Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed website at or call us at 978-562-9133
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    It only took you 3 1/2 month's to see this ? It still sound's like bull. What cultivar's exactly are in your product ?

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