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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I'm always reading learning how to take good care of turf. But no one in this area has any good pure turf and are not willing to pay to keep it maintained.

    I am watching houses go up in the half million dollar (which is expensive in our area) range in fields and pastures that were farm land. Even these expensive homes use the pasture as their lawn. What ever the cows were grazing on a few months ago is now the same grass that is now being cut as a lawn. A mixture of fescue and every kind of weed you could think off. I just have to Scratch my head when I see the big entrance post, winding black top drive way lined with pear trees and then pasture used as a lawn. Does any one else live in an area where they just don't seem to care about the quality of the turf? I mean we are in farm country but I rarely get a call to weed, fertilize, aerate, or anything else that would produce a good looking lawn. Just a few banks, utilities and retired persons that have a lot of time on their hand seem to have a pure stand of grass. Even my customers from up North Michigan, Ohio, Indiana seem to care less what their vacation home looks like as long as its cut. Go to a farm store around here and they think KY 31 is the best stuff and when you mention that that is for road sides and fields and that you need a turf type tall fescue they give you that deer in the headlight look. Any one else live in similar area's of the rural South?
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    Im in east TN and every high end neighborhood around here has sod and irrigated lawns. Most of my customers say do whatever as long as it stays weed free and green.
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    Same in this city.......75% just want the lawn cut/trimmed so they don't get in trouble with neighbors. About 15% only want bi-weekly. We get few calls for fertilize or aeration, and a handfull about weeds. There are sections of the town where it does matter and I assume they pay to have the lawn kept real nice. A couple of our friends do those nice areas and the pressure is great.....everybody wants mowing on Friday and don't understand if rain delays.
  4. tacoma200

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    The telephone company is the only irrigated lawn I know of in this county. They have very pure turf and pay well. They are absolute profectionist and the LCO's are under a lot of pressure to keep it that way. I wouldn't even bid on that one. During this drought they had a really had a hard time keeping it looking good and were close to loosing the account.

    Of course most years we average 1" of rain per week, this has been a record book drought this year. No high end neighborhoods in this area, very rural. If they are a member of a country club they think they've made it big.

    Urban area's around Lexington, Louisville and Nashville would definitely have a high end market, but not here. One of the richest guys in the county has a home in a 40 acre field and has it bush hogged except around the home.
  5. gene gls

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    Country is country, north or south, its the same in my area. I have 4 out of 30 that get fert and none have irrigation. Infact, I don't know of any properties in my town that have irrigation. With the cost of goods rising, customers are cutting back on lawn care quality. They are skipping one thing or another to streach the allmighty dollar.
  6. David C.

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    Ditto here in East Central Alabama

    Majority of houses have sod ---- 99 % of what I do is Burmuda --- a sprinking of Zoysia and a rare bird is Centipede----noone knows what you're talking about when you mention St. Augustine----of which I grew up on in south Louisiana
  7. SproulsLawnCare

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    That's basically what we have around here in west central Indiana/east central Illinois. Only, sometimes they will sow whatever is the cheapest grass seed they can find and accept whatever comes up.

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