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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by gslam88, Apr 3, 2002.

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    I am just around the 25 and 59 area or monroe

  2. groundsguy1970

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    Why would you apply 24-5-11 after a UREA ap?

    Won't the "balanced" fert cause "weed" grasses to seed after overwintering? I use straight N after X-mas...

  3. dan deutekom

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    I think you made a mistake fertilizing with that much nitrogen just after a urea application. Chances are very high that that lawn will burn. I hope for your sake you have wet and cool weather for the next couple of weeks
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    This stuff (the TG/CL N) was put down so thin, it wouldn't have that great of an effect in it anyway. I mean they REALLY skimped on the stuff. We've had nothing but wet weather lately anyway and since. I always go low on the N at the beginning of the season, and concentrate on the K durung the growing part of the spring. I love my thick lawns, but I don't like having 4 to 5 inches of growth a week. As far as color, my iron certainly helps, as I have always had the greenest lawns on the block. This thing is really selling itself! This is why I can say that after just one application, you (the customer) will see better results than any other service around. Guaranteed! There is no doubt, that I am giving these people the nicest lawns around. Even THEY are saying that now. The only problem is when I'm sometimes asked if I can give them the nicest looking lawn on their street. I sometimes have to tell them no, that is imPOSSible. They look at me a little startled, and ask why is that? I just simply tell them that it's because YOURS, isn't the only one on the street that I do! Usually, they just sort of smile... I LOVE this stuff!:)
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