Cutting Foreclosures?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lkendall, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. lkendall

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    Its a little late to ask now. But has anyone become a contractor for property management companies who manage foreclosure properties? Just wondering because I just got 40-60 lawns through this company.. It sounds like alot but they are only every other week. Its still great, especially with everyone trying to get lawns. But they want a ton of pictures at each place. Just seeing if anyone out here has worked in this type of situation. Thanks!
  2. ptjackson

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    during my day job we manage foreclosures for commercial property. What's the biggest challenge with them? I assume your using iPhone or android to take pics?
  3. lkendall

    lkendall LawnSite Member
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    I have an android, but I have a camera just for it, since there will be around 500 pictures a day on average. I was just wondering if they were real strict, like it has to be done on Tuesday not Wednesday..
  4. lawnworker

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    Thats a lot of picture taking. Keep us posted on how it goes with them.
  5. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    I've worked with more banks then I can count on my hands. They are a good landing to get, when you first start mowing for them.. they'll pay on time and return your calls for the first 4-6 weeks. After that, you better have some extra cash. You wont hear from them after that point

    I have to say FROM MY EXPERIENCE every single bank I have worked with has worked this method.
  6. zmancgc

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    I do some property maintenance on foreclosure homes. Not a big company, just subcontracting from bank to middleman...pays the bills, and hope to expand when my new gravely's come in this month. Every bank/M&M is different regarding how strict they are. I have some companies that want Property Condition Reports (interior photos of all rooms) at every re-occuring lawncut I go to...others just want before/after pics and a photo of the front of the house/address.

    An important thing to remember is to keep them updated. If you can't get to a job or jobs on time, make sure they know ahead of time. They will usually work with you and allow extra time within reason, especially on grass cuts (unless they are a rush initial with potential city violation/fine). I typically have to take before and after photos w/ date stamps for some companies.

    Also, unless they require it, don't worry about manicuring the yard...they just want it cleaned up and presentable for agents to show the house and to avoid city citations. Don't spend more time than necessary but do the job well.

    Whenever you can, I highly recommend spraying weed/grass killer on the edging and trimming. This will save you LOADS of time and effort for the next several recuts, and the better you're able to complete jobs on time and per your company's specifications, the better your grade with them will be.

    Good luck!
  7. LawnMan19

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    That's a lot of pictures to take, and let us know how it goes.
  8. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    One bank that we worked with had us take action shots of us mowing.trimming.edging at EACH property for 3 months. Imagine that.
  9. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    If you don't mind me asking what company are you working with? I'm working with a couple and Im curious to see if we are working for the same company.
  10. orangemower

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    So they hired you to take pictures? It will take longer to deal with the pics then it will to do all the mowing.

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