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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by uzupan, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. uzupan

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    I bought the Gravely Pro Turn 152 because of the testimonies from several of you that run Gravely. My question to you is what height do you setting your cutting deck on? I had mine set at 2 inches and the baffles are set 1 inch below the bottom of the cutting deck. The blade is also about 2 inches from the ground. When I went through this thick and tall, 6- 12 inches, grass in some areas I had to go back over a few areas. I was running at top speed. The deck is set as recommended by some of you. Our grass in SE Texas has some tough stuff in it, don't know what it is called. Any ideas or recommendations. I am using the blades that came on the machine. It left a very good looking cut when I was through.
  2. JCLawn and more

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    Most of us mow around 4 but i don't know about Texan grasss. Anything under 3 is usually asking for scalping on a 60 inch deck.
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  3. Jimslawncareservice

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    When your taking 10" of grass off, of course you'll have to go over it more than once, especially going at full speed
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  4. uzupan

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    Thanks for the replies. So I take to understand that no matter the mower if the grass is that tall I will have to double cut? I guess the pros, which I am not usually cut around 4 inches, I always thought it was around 2 inches.
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I think Texas has a lot of the same grasses that we have in Florida. It really varies a lot on what type of grass you are cutting, I cut St. Augustine at 4 inches, unless it's a dwarf variety such as Seville, which I cut at 3.5 inches, Bahia is cut at 3in. Going through grass as tall as you were, you're going to have to double cut with anything. On normal length St. Augustine I never have to double cut with my 148.
  6. Outlawn

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    Where are you at in TX? I cut St. Augustine at 3-4"" right now and Bermuda at 2.5". I only have one Fescue lawn and it is also cut at 2.5".
    As far as crap yards and weeds, I cut it at what the customer wants, with 2.5" being the lowest I will go. If they want it cut lower, they can call someone else.
  7. StanWilhite

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    When cutting grass that tall you can't cut at top speed.....well you can, but it will look like crap after 1 pass. Try slowing down and giving the deck time to process the grass and you may not have to double cut.

    And always remember that sharp blades are a MUST for a good finish cut....especially when mowing tall grass. You'll get the feel of the mower before long and will be able to get the most out of it by the feel and the sound of the engine.
  8. uzupan

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    I am in Raymondville Tx, which is SE Texas in the rio grande valley, we are about 40 miles north of the border. I believe the tough stuff is Bahiagrass. It has shoots that go up about 14 inches and is hard to cut too.
  9. Dr. Cornwallis

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    Bahia is tough stuff, the key is to cut it before those shoots get up, although sometimes that's impossible.
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  10. uzupan

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    Once again thanks to everyone for their replies. It gives me some relief that I did not purchase a second rate machine. I tried both the Gravely and Scagg tiger Cub for a few minutes on the lawn at the dealer and the Gravely did a better job and felt better so that is why I went with it.

    Do the baffles need adjusting in your opinion or are they set ok? They are set 1 inch below the bottom of the cutting deck, which makes them just below the level of the blades.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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