Cutting heights: Scags vs. 21" mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Damian, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Short version: how much higher should you set a Scag than a 21" Snapper so they mow as close to the same height as possible?

    Longer version: I use 21" Snappers to cut my lawns, but occasionally, I have to have our company's other crew mow them for me. They use Scags. Needless to say, they always end up cutting my lawns either shorter or higher than I which makes for a bigger problem the following week. While I get told it's because they don't know what my numbers mean on the card - I write te height in settings - I venture that even if I was writing the height in inches, if they set their mowers to the same height, it would cut lower because of the weight.

    Am I mistaken or do the wider frame and tires offset the extra weight?
  2. Yep you're right. I personally set the deck height on my different mowers. I put them on smooth concrete and use the same height guage on every mower.
    If I set everyone at exactly the same height some would cut different by as much as a half an inch.

    My rule of thumb is the heavier the deck (floating deck mowers) the lower it's going to cut. Even though the heavier decks have larger guage wheels to compensate.

    That's why I can't get over these guys who split hairs over mowing height . If you're talking less than 1/4" it's inconsequential.

    I'll set the big one where I want it, then cut a cross pattern with the trim mowers to see if they're low enough. Then I'll cut across their pattern with the big mower to see if I got it right.
    That's why I Won't change mowing heights. I have 9 different decks.

    From my experience I'd say your trying to match different mower cutting heights on different crews with just a note on cut height would be close to impossible. Especially since they're different mowers


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    i just set it to look good, lol however high the grass is depends on how i set my scag.
  4. Damian

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    I'm not trying to match exactly, just get pretty close.

    I missed a weeks worth of work due to back problems. The first half of the week, the crew cut at a setting of 5 where I had mine set at 4/5. Then, on a lawn I cut short at 3/3, they practically scalped when they cut at 3. After that, they cut the rest at 6.

    The first half of the lawns I cut when I returned this week, it seemed to look pretty close, ie., I wasn't leaving extra grass behind. The other half, their lawns had grown considerably taller and I think the cut suffered because of it.

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