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Hi fellas,

I'm new to the site, but not to the business. I recently bought a toro proline Suzuki 2 cycle powered walk behind to replace my lawnboy silver pro. My was I missing out over the years! Anyways, for some reason, when I mow St. Augustine the mower leaves random blades of grass behind in its swath. I tried replacing the blade with little effect. This last time around I switched to a gator blade and I think it helped a little but still not 100%.

I have also tried slowing the mower down, dropping it from 3rd to 2nd (first is crawler speed) and I still have the same problem! The mower has a mulch fan on it, but when I took it off, the results were the exact same.

Anyone else have this problem? In a business where time is money, it sux having to go over your paths twice for perfection.

Also, in a burmudagrass enironment, the mower cuts perfectly everytime, effectively cutting all the blades of grass in its path.

The funny thing is I dont remember this ever being an issue with my LB. Perhaps its a deck design limitation?

Thanks and happy mowing!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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