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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Five Starr Lawn Care, Jul 5, 2008.

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    I was cutting 2 properties for this guy. A total of 5 hrs of work with 19 hp tiger cub. One his residence, Charging him 185.00 per cut total for both properties. Cut every two weeks but in drought comnditions would only cut when he wanted. A real close account to the house. At the beginning of this season told him I would have to go up to $200.00 due to gas $4.00 a gallon. He said he couldnt afford that. I said thats the best I could do. He found someone else I guess, went by there and the grass is scalped and excess grass laying everywhere. I would double cut in front if necessary to make it look nice without extra cost. I had been doing this property for two years. I wonder what these people are charging ?? Some people only interested in price and not quality ??
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    Sounds like you were doing it too cheaply already and an increase was warranted. I underbid one this year for $90 that takes me 2 1/2 hours, which works out about the same as your 5 hour/$185. I kick myself every Thursday morning.

    I doubt if he cares about quality. Most people don't.
  3. This doesn't sound like it had much to do with price. It sounds more like a failure in salesmanship.
    After all, the cost of gas has gone up at least the added $15 in the past two years. It would be perfectly reasonable to pass this cost on to the customer.

    But it has to be presented to the customer in a way that doesn't get you fired.

    Don't give ultimatums. Do it like they do on the gameshow "Jepardy". Put it in the form of a question.
    "Would it be all right to raise the price $15 to cover the excess fuel costs?
    Customer says; "NO"
    "I'd really like to keep your costs under control, would you like me to shave off some of the extras from your service?
    Customer answers: "If it looks any worse than it already does you're fired!"

    Just keep "asking" till they start saying yes.
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    that's what I was thinking too, I read these stories and think WOW.

    dont know if it's the area, but were inbetween 145 and 175.00 an hour.

    that's for 2 guys, 2 Z's weedeaters blowers,

    Good Luck
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    Sounds like your area wont bring in the higher $$ like others will....My largest account takes a little under 2 hrs with 2 60" ztr's and a guy trimming..get $210 for that one. Thats what our area LCO's charge. I personally like the 15 min. $40 lawns....:usflag:
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    wow i need to move to a different area for sure we can only get a maximum of 50/hr for 1 man
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    I wish! That's great you can charge that much. Atlanta market: $35.00/hr. per man. Almost everyone lowballs even cheaper than that.:(
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    At that price get out of the bis now you will never make it. At 50-60 here in Ky I really dont see alot of profit. I might go back to 10 yards a week in my Sub for cash. To many people mowing
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    There is no such thing as a lowballer in my book.He either underpriced the job by accident or will work for peanuts.I will not work for peanuts but I have bid a job low by accident and told the customer.About 75% of the time I got the price I should have charged.If you feel that their are too many lowballers you should market your other trade skills rather than mow lawns.
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    Area LCO's need to stick to the area prices along with market their strengths.
    There is enough work for everybody without low balling.

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