cutting new grass for 1st time

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zim bob the landscaper, Jul 31, 2007.

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    ok about 5-6 weeks ago we seeded our freinds lawn for free for stuff he has helped us with and we are taking care of his lawn for 2 weeks because hes on vaca. the grass is high now and i got to mow thw rest of his lawn and am woundering how long we should wait to cut it after its seeded it has had 2 applications of starter fertilizer once when seed was put down and then 2 weeks after it germinated. im just worried if i cut it it will dry up and die because it was cut to early? should i wait till dusk to cut it so the sun isnt hitting it? thanks alot and any other info would be awsome!!!
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    You would be better off cutting it while its short (say 4 -5 inches) rather than waiting and shocking it because you cannot cut less then 1/3 of the blade. I would cut as soon as it has reached mowing height, but use a lightweight mower like a 21" to avoid damage to tender new blades. I would also bag the clippings as new grass tends to contain a lot of moisture (Fescue especially) and will clump and press down and suffocate the grass underneath. After cutting the first few times you can switch to a heavier mower.
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    ......... and make sure your blades are sharp
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    We always cut our own grass in the evening, never walking on it AT ALL during the heat. (Matt is fanatical with our own grass).. So ya, I would wait till later in the day to cut it, and cut it high. Also, I do not know what your rain situation is like there, but after we cut our grass we always water it.

    New grass like that is fragile, so if you can, while they are on vacation, try to make sure it sees some water.
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    Go slow, take your time, and run your mower blades at 1/2 normal rpm. You do this cause the grass has not had enough time to root itself fully. The last thing ya want is for the entire plant to come up out of the ground due to the lift from the mower blades.
  6. cgaengineer

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    Not doubting you Rod, but wouldnt that rip them out easier?
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