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    i own a 2009 31hp. 60 in super z with a mulch kit.... for the past couple of months it does not matter what im cuttin how thick how thin how much or how little im cuttin off it always leave a line of clippings on the discharge side which is becoming a problem customers rarent happy with and im tired of passing on everything there somthing that could be wrong that im not noticing or is just somthing hustlers do??? need help please ASAP
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    Before the last couple of months it was fine though?
    Here is a list of items we need to make sure are ok...

    Cut Quality Suggestions
    1. Blades sharp, straight, and balanced.
    2. Blade tips even with the next blade.
    3. Underside of deck clean and unrestricted.
    4. Proper tire pressure in all tires.
    5. Operator using mower at full throttle.
    6. Deck is level from side to side and the blade tips are
    a 1⁄4” higher in the back.
    7. Engine RPM’s set correctly.
    8. Deck drive belt tension set correctly.
    9. Electric clutch isn’t slipping?
    10. Slow ground speed.
    A. Depending on type of grass mowed and how much is being
    cut off.
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    i had this problem on a couple different mowers. not hustlers though. i was using high lifts. i switched to a lower lift and my problem was solved. how ever i made sure the deck was level and i had correct air pressure in the tires. hopw this help.

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