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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lildog132, Jun 23, 2003.

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    I recently bought a used 36" Scag Walk behind, and i put gator blades on it, the blades before that cut pretty crappy, but these gator blades cut just as crappy.... I haven't changed them in about 2 weeks now and i mow about 40 small lawns a week. When i cut, there is alot of grass that is still sticking up and spots that look like i missed, but i didn't. I don't know why its happening, I looked at my blades and they weren't bent and they looked fine, maybe i need to sharpen them and get new blades?? I'm discharging right now, would a mucher kit make it cut better? Do i need to slow down and turn the throttle up for more power? Also I'm wondering about sharpening blades, should i take them somewhere to be sharpened, or should i buy something to sharpen them with? or should i just buy new blade every time in large quantities so it's cheaper? Your advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
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    Dont buy new blades everytime. You can sharpen them many times with a angle grinder or a regular wheel grinder. I dont have an answer on the bad cut you are getting. I just put a brand new set of gator blades on my exmark lazer hp and am having the exact same problem. I am running full throttle and mowing at the same speed I always do. So I will be glad to hear the responses to this
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    If the Gator blades you put on were new, they would be sharp, so blade sharpness is not the issue.
    Are the blades upside down? This is easy to do.
    If the blades are fine, look at air flow: clean the under deck.
    Throttle? When running, it should be max. You are not cutting in idle, are you?
    My experience would suggest that if you are not getting good airflow now then a mulcher kit would make it worse.
    Search on blade sharpening, there was just a multipage thread with all you could ever want to know.
  4. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    On my 48 I just started running two gators (on the outside spindles) and a regular high-lift in the middle. The results are pretty close to what I get running three high-lifts, so I think in the future I'll save the money & buy just high-lifts.

    Running three gators resulted in a little bit of clumping for me.

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