Cutting Problems with Ferris 1500 *PICTURES*

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jtruck618, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Set the three blades perpendicular to the line of travel then measure the height of the blade tips on a level surface. Rotate the blades 180 degrees and repeat, then compare.

    I've seen two cases where the deck has been sprung around a spindle housing, which, if sprung to one side or the other would cause an uneven cut.
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    I have measured the front of the right and left blades when the tips were at the front of the deck and it shows level. I think I understand what your saying though, so I will take the measurments and see what I get. It's odd, it will cut great on flat areas of my yard, but anywhere there is a change in the terrain, it at times will cut at different heights. I relate it to the suspension, but hopefully I'm wrong. It also seems to show up more in thick areas of the lawn. Maybe I should just go back to a ridgid frame mower.
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    5 year old thread I know. I did a google search on Ferris 1500 and this came up!

    Had my deck leveled again at the dealer and it cuts awesome! Doesn't stripe well, buts that's ok. This has been an awesome mower and I will buy Ferris again.

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