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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by grassyfras, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. grassyfras

    grassyfras LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Whats the best way to cut a retaining wall block thats on an outside corner? I need the block to have two faces that will look rough on the outside.
  2. grassyfras

    grassyfras LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I was just searching the site and saw that they might have an outside corner block. This is a versa lock wall that was built a few years ago and left incomplete. Do most versa lock dealers sell these?
  3. shethinksmytractors_sexy

    shethinksmytractors_sexy LawnSite Member
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    i think versa lock does make a block for that. but if you dont wana buy them pretty much cut the block at a 45 angle. there are some grooves in the block one behind the rough side, cut it about half way down the block, cut the groove in the middle of block and then cut the other to fit. the corners of both blocks will stagger and you will half to cut half blocks every other course. it looks good and i will see if i have any pics of the ones i have done but the block with 2 rough sides looks better!! but i try to talk customers into a curve instead of a 90. i think they are stronger and look better and alot less cutting.
  4. nosoup4you

    nosoup4you LawnSite Member
    from ne ohio
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    they have a gizmo that looks like a giant paper cutter, that makes a pretty accurate cut with a rough edge. Our supplier has one and we borrow it from time to time. Don't know if it has a name.
  5. HL Landscape

    HL Landscape LawnSite Member
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    As far as I know versa-lok only makes a standard block (at least our local manufacturer). So when faced with your situation the best solution is to split the block, this will give it that "2 sided" look. IMO a cut block stuck in with the rest of a wall would look way out of place. We use a hdyro splitter, if you don't have one check with your supplier, ours rents them.
    Worst case senario, you can use a hammer and chisel.
  6. grassyfras

    grassyfras LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I called the rep today and they said they do make them. I only need 4 so thats a lot cheaper than renting something. Thanks
  7. shethinksmytractors_sexy

    shethinksmytractors_sexy LawnSite Member
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    yea i thought they did because i have used them awhile ago. but check out the pics of the cut ones. i just found them so i will post them now
  8. neighborguy

    neighborguy LawnSite Member
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    Our local supplier sells the corner blocks but as stated above they are just the full units split to get the rough face. The challenge is they charge the same price for the half blocks as the full blocks. I can take five minutes (tops) with a chisel and hammer and get the same result. My two cents.
  9. richallseasons

    richallseasons LawnSite Senior Member
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    sometimes you just have to make them yourself, ill score the block about 1/8 deep with the diamond blade all the way around them use a hammer and chisle to break, the trick is to take your time and not try to break it in one shot, usually gets good results.
  10. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss LawnSite Silver Member
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    I know Rinox wall block, the Rio 90 that i use a lot its only rough on the inner/outter sides. They do make a block that is at least 14" wide that has no center channel in the middle. You can chop off 1-3" off that side and now have a custom rough cut side. The only other way is Rinox sells pillar kits and all the sides are rough, theyre also more expensive per pallet/kit at $500+
    In this picture, it looks like the one where the center channel doesnt go all the way through from end to end, this is their pillar blocks with it rough on 3 sides, the standard Rio 90 wall block is flat on this edge and you have to chop it off rough.


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